Titan’s Throne – Chapter 73: The Thunder Tiger Empire

When Bastian had gotten all the information he could get out of Li, he left the space, only to see Kenshin standing in front of the door like a statue, paying Bastian no mind whatsoever.

“Kenshin, do you have a way to prevent sound from leaking from a room, to the point where even you can’t hear anything?” said Bastian telepathically to Kenshin. Kenshin nodded. “Do you trust me?” Once more Kenshin nodded to Bastian’s telepathic message after showing a slight message. Sighing in relief, Bastian told Kenshin what he needed to do, and to former’s surprise Kenshin agreed.


“Knowledge? What kind of knowledge?” Shasha was in a bind, so he was willing to grab any opportunity to help him, even if it came from a slave, right now he wasn’t even thinking of credibility, much less the fact that Bastian had heard his conversation with Tino.

At this point Bastian looked at Kenshin and nodded. In response, Kenshin formed some seals, and a formless energy covered the room. Shasha was a bit spooked, but Kai held his shoulder and gave him a reassuring look. “Be at ease young master, Kenshin is a specialist, and what he just put up was a sealing matrix. To prevent others from hearing our conversation.”

“Indeed. Even that Tino woman will have no idea what’s happening in hear.” said Bastian proudly.

“You underestimate her abilities Bastian. She is not as weak as she seems. She has a set of unique skills that are quite frightening.” said Kai with a serious face.

“You mean that mind magic thing? Oh she already tried that with me. It didn’t work.” said Bastian with a smug grin.

“Impossible! Even a person like me has trouble dealing with her ability, how can a person like you-”

“A person like me? Tell me Kai, what do you mean a person like me?” As Kai was about to respond, Bastian removed his top, revealing his chiseled upper body.

At this point Kai got the greatest surprise of his life. He was so surprised he almost cursed at Bastian’s ancestors. Shasha was similarly astonished. He was at a loss.

“Gentlemen, I understand I am incredibly handsome, but please hold yourselves together. I don’t swing that way.” chuckled Bastian.

Kai and Shasha did not even hear a single word Bastian said, much to his chagrin. They were fixated on his chest. “M-mark Bearer? Five Claws? How? How is this possible? You are just a-”

“Kai you failed to answer my question. So allow me to repeat myself. What kind of person am I?” The usually talkative Kai was immediately silenced by these words. A Mark Bearer in this day and age was a rare thing. Almost every Mark Bearer had either died or become a Custodian. Yet before him was a young five clawed Mark Bearer!

After carefully thinking, and looking at Kenshin, Kai came up with a conclusion. The same one that General Moto had come to. That Bastian was from an incredibly powerful family, and that Kenshin was his guardian. Kenshin knew that Bastian had used this trick before, so he remained quiet and kept his persona up. All he had to do according to Bastian was remain quiet, which was Kenshin’s favorite hobby.

Shasha also came to the same conclusion, and his face became pale. Although there were a few circumstances that were odd, such as the fact that Kenshin had been a slave for Shasha for a few years, Shasha and Kai had no choice but to eat the false truth that Bastian wanted them to swallow.

“Now then. Let’s begin.” said Bastian as he clapped his hands. “First we have Fourth Prince Shasha, or should I say exiled Fourth Prince Shasha. Exiled due to the fact that he was born a cripple and was a disgrace to the Thunder Tiger Empire.

Next we have Sir Kai, a former Imperial protector, who owed his life to Shashas mother and made a promise to protect Shasha on his death bed

Next we have the Thunder Tiger Empire. The most dominant force within the eastern islands, it has already taken over three quarters of the Eastern Islands officially and owns more unofficially, including the infamous Inkume tribe.”

For the next five minutes Bastian listed everything about The Thunder Tiger Empire from all of its cities, to its internal structure, to its foreign affairs to things that were even national secrets, some of which Kai wasn’t even aware of during his time as Imperial Protector.

“Gentlemen, despite the fact that I was a slave, you were kind to me, thus I will be kind to you and give you one more opportunity. I can give you what you need. You can give me what I need. Do you accept?

He knows everything! Everything! What kind of knowledge could we possibly possess that he desires? 


The loud sound of knees hitting the floor resounded throughout the room. Everyone looked toward the source only to see Shasha kowtow toward Bastian. “Bastian, I beg you, please help me and I will do everything in my power to help you. If you need me to make an oath-”

A hand suddenly gripped Shasha and lifted him up, Shasha assumed it was Kai and attempted to resist, only to see Bastian smiling. “Shasha, no need for an oath. I’m a pretty good judge of character and I know you are kind to a fault. It is for this reason that I will help you not only take this city, but gain what you truly desire.”

What I desire? What does he mean?

Seeing the confused look on Shasha’s face, Bastian merely smiled and said, “Don’t worry about that. For now stand up, and give me the Information I need, Kai what the heck are you doing? Allowing your Master to kowtow to a slave.”

Kai snapped out of his stupor and quickly helped his Master up. “What do you need Bastian?” said Shasha nervously.

“First I need you to give Kenshin and me our freedom. Next I need you to give me all the Information about your kingdom that I didn’t mention. Next I need you to talk about the city, give me all of its details. I also need you to tell me more about that Tino woman and the crown prince. Uhm for now that’s it.” Bastian gave his list of demands and smiled.

“Is that it? That’s all you want from us?” said Kai.

“Oh no don’t get me wrong. I said that’s it for now. You don’t have the means to give me what I truly desire.” laughed Bastian. “Shasha, Kai, let’s get along gentlemen.” Bastian reached out his arm and shook Shasha’s hand. Sealing the deal.

After discussing a few more details the meeting was over and they all went to their respective rooms. As Bastian arrived at his new bedroom, the library, he received a telepathic message from Kenshin. “Taiga. My name is Taiga.”

Bastian’s face beamed with joy, for today he had gotten Kenshin’s recognition. Something that was subconsciously far more valuable to him than freedom.

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