Titan’s Throne – Chapter 80: A Hero To Groom!

Although it wasn’t that bad an idea, there are still many hurdles to cross, and Bastian had prepared for those as well.

“According to information I received from Tino, a daemon horde usually attacks this city every ten years. Usually the city easily suppresses the horde, but this year it seemed the current leader of the horde has had a breakthrough, allowing it to summon an even larger horde than usual. If at that time we arrive with our troops and contribute toward saving the city, then I am sure we can gain a standing within this City. Although we don’t have many men, they are a force to be reckoned with, and I have a plan to procure more troops in the near future as well.”

“When does this horde occur?” asked Guy.

“It is expected to occur within 16 months. In other words, we have sixteen months to build a decent sized army able to stave off a horde of daemons led by a powerful daemon.”

“What is the leader’s cultivation?” asked Shasha.

“Tino says the city elders aren’t really sure either. The elders are not even sure if it was the same horde leader from last time. All they know is whatever is now leading them, it had a breakthrough because energy fluctuations were felt. It is suspected however that, it could be a two star daemon…at the very least.”

The room went quiet at this revelation. Daemons like humans had cultivation levels. Daemons without a star were not deemed worthy of being ranked, such as the kalari scorpions that Bastian had killed. Whereas one star represented daemons that were similar in realms to first realm cultivators like Masters. Master was a phrase used to describe a either a Teacher or a Scholar. In other words, a one star beast was as powerful as a Teacher or a Scholar. Yet a two star daemon was as strong as a foundation realm cultivator.

Within each daemon cultivation realm, there were three sections. Lower, middle and upper. It was well known that daemons had better combat ability than humans at their cultivation level. In other words a peak one star daemon was at least as strong as two peak human Masters. Hence that meant, within that room, except for Kai, there was no one who could match up to the horde leader.

“This- this is bad.” murmured Shasha with a pale expression.

“Your Highness, no need to be afraid, this is actually exciting! Haha there is nothing to improve one’s state of mind than facing the jaws of death!” said Guy enthusiastically.

“Besides, the city will be facing this horde with us. You think a peak C ranked city doesn’t have foundation realm cultivators?” reminded Bastian.

Indeed there was no doubt that the city had foundation realm cultivators. However no one there was a fool. They had heard Bastian say a two star daemon at the very least.

If it was a lower two star daemon, then the situation would be salvageable. However, if it was a mid-two star daemon or an upper two star daemon…


With a clap, Bastian managed to regain everyone’s attention once more. “Everyone listen to my words, 16 months is far off, we have plenty of time. As for the issue of recruitment, like I said I will take care of that in a few months. For now, just relax and let’s take this one step at a time.

Once Kenshin and I win the Elite Gladiator League, we will use that money as the foundation on which we will build our army. Although it won’t be much, it certainly be enough to suite our needs for now.”

After sorting out a few more details here and there, the meeting was adjourned. Bastian immediately went to the library to sort out his thoughts. Although he did have a few ideas, he was not confident on whether or not they would pan out.

Oh well, no point on worrying about the pointless.

Squeezing his ball like there was no tomorrow, Bastian once more immersed himself within his research.

Outside Shasha’s mansion, Owami and a beggar were standing, observing the house. They were standing right in front of the guards, yet the guards never even noticed a single thing. They couldn’t even hear the words being spoken by Li and Owami.

“Did you get what I asked for?” asked Li.

“Yep, and it wasn’t easy, are you sure it was worth it, going through all that trouble? It’s now only a matter of time till Titus figures out what we are up to,” said Owami with a grim expression. She was usually a fearless character, and she prided herself on her courage, but Titus was one of the few people she definitely did not want to cross.

“By the time Titus figures it out, It would already be too late,” Li cracked a grin when he started to think about how Titus would react when he realized what he had pulled off under his nose ”Besides, right now he is too busy trying to groom Tendai. Titus may seem like a ruffian, but he is a methodical man who takes caution above all else. I have no doubt that at the moment, it is his minions who are handling the dirty work.”

“You mean Filo?” asked Owami.

“Indeed, no one has seen Titus within the court for quite some time. Filo has been doing most of the dirty work.” replied Li. He then continued ”Although Filo is merely a subordinate, he is very capable, and has been causing Candreva to have quite the headache. He is quite the useful pawn.

Anyway, enough. Let us not dwell on such mundane matters. We have a hero to groom! But first we need to know exactly what we are dealing with. Bring it out and let me see.”

Following Li’s instructions, Owami opened her palm. A small brown seed materialized within her hand. Although it didn’t look like much, Li knew exactly how important that tiny seed was. He took it from Owami’s hand and pinched it between two of his fingers, bringing it right in front of his right eye.

“You have performed well my dear, and you will be rewarded in kind. You may think you have merely brought me a seed, but you have brought me the heavens themselves.”

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