Titan’s Throne – Chapter 84: Wind Affinity!

“Indeed, the match is over. It is Bastian’s loss.” Kenshin’s words struck the group like thunder, they were all surprised at his words, except for Kai.

“Indeed, I’m afraid Bastian has met his match, this match is indeed over.”

“Kai, Kenshin, What are you talking about? Do you not see the monstrosity of the spell in front of us? How on earth is it Bastian’s loss?” Shasha asked in a perturbed tone.

“Be at ease young master, you will see soon enough.”

The moment Kai finished talking, the so called ‘monstrosity’ that Bastian had created disappeared into nothingness as if it had never existed. Shasha stood up from his seat, shocked. Upon closer inspection, he noticed that not only had the winds completely subsided, but Bastian’s figure was buried in the ground, as if it had been smashed-in by an incredible force.

And, oddly enough, Heavy Flash had not moved from her previous position!

Pressure magic was Bastian’s creation. It was the child born of his thoughts. The result of all of his research into the world of magic.

Since his awakening, Bastian had noticed his affinity for wind. He was sensitive to the changes in the atmosphere, his hearing had improved by leaps and bounds.

Bastian knew that this was not due to his an improvement in his ears. Sure, all his senses, especially his nose, had improved, but not to such an extreme degree.

For example, Bastian experimented by submerging his head underwater and in containers with other liquids. In the water container, his hearing would not be that much different from when he was still a normal human being.

Yet, if he stuck his head in containers which had other liquids that were more concentrated, then his hearing would deteriorate rapidly. After this and a few more experiments, Bastian realized that his hearing had improved and was more effective in liquids that were closer to being pure water.

However, Bastian was still able to hear incredibly well to the point where it was not proportional to when he was underwater and even in liquids. Since he had an affinity with the water element and had an awakened body, it would make more sense for his hearing underwater to be nearly as equal to his hearing above water, yet this was far from being true.

That was when Bastian came up with a realization.

If not his ears, then what had improved so much? His bloodline had come from a beast called The Tyrian Double Headed Storm Dragon. Often enough, a beast’s name had a correlation with its power.

Does the storm part indicate an affinity to wind?

When Bastian saw the Beast itself, he was surrounded by a stormy sea. This led him to think of countless theories. After a few experiments Bastian came to a sudden realization. All of his senses worked incredibly well as long as he was in an area with air as the medium.

Dragons have a good sense of smell already, could that have superimposed with my affinity for wind? 

Bastian’s realization of his affinity to ‘wind’, or rather ‘air’, was a big step in increasing the power of his abilities. This led him to experiment quite a bit by controlling air.

Although he could not control air to his will, he could at least advance much faster in his research into pressure magic than he had thought previously.

The day before the battle with Heavy Flash, Bastian had been thinking of an idea and he messed around with it. At first it was merely a passing thought, but after realizing the true potential of what he had accomplished, Bastian was shocked.

This is undoubtedly my most powerful move yet.

Never would Bastian had thought that he would use it the day after.

Bastian could sense that his body had become extremely heavy. To the point where he could barely lift a finger. Heavy Flash walked toward him step by step. She believed that she had already won the battle so she felt no need to rush. She wanted to see the face of the man who had forced her to go all out.

“Kenshin, what happened? Why did it become like this?” Kenshin remained silent and merely observed.

“Young Master, that girl is very adept at controlling her power. To put it simply, she temporarily increased the gravity of the area around her for a mere second. However that was enough to disrupt Bastian’s spell.” Kai said with a solemn expression.

“As for Bastian, she merely increased the gravity of the area beneath his feet. As they fought earlier she placed some soil at many areas around the arena, and that spot is one of them.” said Kenshin.

“How…how could that be? He was so close to winning.” Shasha slumped back into his chair helplessly. One didn’t need to be an experienced warrior to tell that Bastian would not get up. His moans and screams echoed throughout the arena.

In what seemed to be a last ditch attempt, Bastian created a fireball with the tip of his finger and launched it at the girl. He was face down, so the girl assumed that Bastian merely tried his best and easily dodged the fireball.

Bastian was obstinate and did not give up. Fireball upon fireball were launched straight toward heavy flash, exploding right next to her each time. At first she had assumed that Bastian was lucky, but after a few seconds she started to realize a crucial fact.

He can see me!

After calming herself down a bit, the girl realized that there was nothing a few fireballs could do to her. It was one of the lowest rank spells a fire mage could cast.

He is already under the effect of my gravity lock. There is no one within my realm of cultivation who can escape it. Even if he can somehow sense my presence it doesn’t make a difference!

Due to the fireballs exploding all around her, the temperature surrounding Heavy Flash started to increase bit by bit…

Step by step she found it slightly more difficult to breathe. As she got closer to Bastian her heartbeat started to increase. She merely assumed it was due to the excitement of battle and continued to walk, casually dodging Bastian’s fireball barrage.

It seems he has quite a bit of mana to spare.

When she had finally reached her target, she smirked underneath her hood and lifted up her foot so she could step on Bastian’s head. However. The moment her foot was about to make contact with his head…

The unthinkable occurred!

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