Titan’s Throne – Chapter 85: Knowledge Is Power

During Bastian’s stay in the Sovereign Continent he noticed one crucial thing. Something that he believed would give him the edge over other cultivators in what he thought was a forsaken world. Especially now that he had resolved himself to aim for the top, or rather to survive, Bastian firmly believed that his knowledge of science would be his key to survival.

The Sovereign Continent was a place where only one language was spoken throughout the entire land, a place where only one currency dominated the entire economy, a place where things like; looks, fame, intelligence or any other factor, could possibly make someone the focus of other people’s admiration, all paled to one thing. That one thing just happens to be both a language and a currency, that one thing is… power. Bastian believed he could change this line of thinking, and his first step would be this match

As most people grow up they are taught that in the face of power, all other things bow in reverence. if one has power, he or she is just. if one has power, then one is beautiful. if one has power, one has both fame and fortune. As long as one has power, everything falls into one’s grasp. To Bastian power was not merely cultivation, but knowledge.

As Heavy Flash brought her foot down, her danger senses started tingling. Her pride refused to allow her to retreat so she stomped with all her might.


A shockwave of dust and earth spread from the impact point. Yet that did not matter to the thousands watching this match. No what mattered was the fact that Heavy Flash had missed!

Not only has she missed, but her body seemed to stagger slightly. She took a step back and shook her head sideways, in an attempt to regain her bearing. Then, like a snake slithering from the crevices underneath their feat, Bastian’s arm reached straight for her foot. The moment he gripped her by the ankle a flaming tornado arose shocking the audience once more.

Once the tornado dissipated, one could see that Bastian, who had been believed to be finished was now standing, albeit not in the best of shape.

“You…my gr-gravity lock…impossible.” said a staggering Heavy Flash covered in burnt clothing. Oddly enough her clothes were completely burned off in some areas revealing snow white skin, but the skin itself looked unharmed.

Bastian started patting himself, removing the dust covering his body. “Gravity lock is it? Interesting name. Actually the idea itself is fascinating. Let me borrow it for a bit.” said Bastian nonchalantly as he went about cleaning himself.

Borrow? What does he mean?

Then Bastian raised his hand and pointed a finger straight toward Heavy Flash. “Air lock.”


An Incredible scene occurred. Just like how Bastian had been smashed into the ground, unable to get up, Heavy Flash was embedded deep into the soil.

Heavy Flash was stunned. She could not understand why her gravity lock had cancelled. Even more so she could not understand why she was suffocating!

Her staggering and her weak voice had been because she was suffocating. She was definitely breathing in air, but nothing was happening. It was the first time she had ever experienced anything like this. It was as if something was missing in the air.

At certain moments she would lose control of her body, which resulted in her stomp completely missing Bastian’s head. Not to mention that as time went on her vision got darker and darker.

When Bastian had activated his so called ‘air lock’ she was barely conscious. However as a warrior with qi she could still survive without air for quite some time.

I’m breathing! I’m breathing! So why am I suffocating?

Her pride would not allow her to be imprisoned by a make shift technique from a mere slave. With her remaining strength she roared and broke out of the air lock. She immediately ran straight for Bastian and was about to strike when she lost control of her body, only a few feet from Bastian.

As her vision darkened, reality set in and she realized crucial facts. She did not roar, it was barely a whisper, she did not break out of the air lock, it was cancelled, the last realization was the worst of all, she had been defeated by a mere slave…

Bastian did not even move aside when she fainted in front of him. He caught her body and laid her to rest on the ground. Before she touched the ground however he wanted to see the face of his most troublesome opponent yet.

My my, what a surprise. Well now I definitely can’t kill her. Sigh. Kenshin, move now. I want you to relay a message for me.

Shasha and co were far too shocked by other events to even look at the arena at this moment.

“Gareth, go kill the slave before he harms my daughter.” said one of the spectators in their private booth.

“Yes Master.” With a swing of his great sword, the giant man reffered to as Gareth destroyed the viewing screen in front of them. Immediately after he set out to jump for the booth to the arena but a silhouette of a foot wearing slippers covered his vision in an instant, “Sit down. The match isn’t over yet.”

With a crash Gareth was stomped back into the booth. The other spectators were horrified by this scene. One of the top 5 strongest warriors within the city had been stomped within an instant by a slave. Kenshin was well known throughout the city as the favourite for the 3 star tournament. No one in the upper echelons did not know what he looked like.

Before anyone else in the room could react, Kenshin spoke. “I have a message from my companion in the arena. He says that he will spare your daughter and also keep her identity hidden. That means you owe him two favours. As a businessman you have a reputation for repaying your debts do you not, Mr Cole?”

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