Titan’s Throne – Chapter 86: Tyson Cole

Kenshin’s words left everyone in the booth stunned, forgetting the fact that he had somehow determined the position of the Cole family booth, he had managed to sneak up on a man who was standing at the pinnacle of the Foundation Realm and stomp him with his foot.

Gareth was not only a warrior, he was also a knight. A man who valued face greatly. Being the warrior he was he quickly recovered, rage filling up every cell in his body. The stomp to the face had made him lose a lot of…well…face. He couldn’t take it and moved forth, wrath had blinded him to his surroundings.

Kenshin placed his sword hand on the hilt of his sword, because no matter who this man was, he was a dead man if he tried to attack Kenshin.

I shall make it a quick death. Bastian calls me cruel yet here I am showing mercy to this ingrate who does not know how deep the earth is or how high the heavens are.


With a snort, Kenshin got in stance. He was already visualizing a flying head when an usually calm voice entered his ears.

“Gareth, yield.” 

Two words. It was only two words, said with a very soft and subtle tone, yet these little words were like an indestructible barrier to Gareth. Nothing in this world, even death itself, could quell the anger in Gareth’s heart… or so he thought. The moment his master said yield, Gareth stopped his movements and calmed down instantly.

To be able to control his servants to such an extent. This man is not ordinary.

Kenshin was a keen judge of character. And Bastian’s unique set of skills further augmented this. He could immediately tell that Tyson Cole would not be an easy man to deal with.

“Excuse my knight, he has a bit of temper but he means well, hahaha.” With a hearty laugh, the giant that was Tyson Cole stood up from his seat and walked straight toward Kenshin. As he walked he passed Gareth, giving the latter a tap on the shoulder. It seemed friendly, yet the moment Gareth was touched, his face became deathly pale. 

The other people in the booth were about to take action when Gareth stood behind his master and faced the rest of the room. He planted his great sword into the ground and placed both hands on the hilt. This imposing stance immediately stopped anyone else from taking action. Gareth was also almost as large as his master, so he was quite intimidating.

“The Blind Swordsman, also known as the Blind Disaster. It is an honour. I am Tyson Cole.” With a friendly smile on his almost faultless face, Tyson reached out his humongous hand, in a bid to shake hands with Kenshin.

“I care not for pleasantries. Do you agree to my partner’s terms or do you not.” Said Kenshin. Kenshin was calm, he detected no malice from Tyson, nor was there any other threat nearby. Just the friendly handsome giant in front of him. Yet he could not release the grip on his sword. No…he wouldn’t.

Shaking his head in disappointment, Tyson took back his hand. “For insubordinates slaves, you sure are rude. Young man don’t you know manners? Does your master consent with your actions?”

“I have no master. Now waste my time for a second longer and you forfeit your daughters life.” As soon as Kenshin spoke, he shifted sightly, allowing Tyson to see a Bastian moving his hand horizontally across his throat.

“Okay Mr Swordsman. You have a deal.”

Within Shasha’s office, Kai was livid. As soon as they had arrived at home, Kai had unleashed a barrage of insults upon Kenshin and Bastian. The duo merely treated Kai like he was air and took their seats.

“You fools! Are you not listening? That… That was Tyson Cole! Tyson bloody Cole! That man owns half of the city, and would own the other half if it could be sold! How could you offend him?” Kai bellowed. 

Shasha took his seat quietly. He was also somewhat distressed by the situation. Guy was giggling and mumbling to himself from time to time were as Tino might as well not have existed.

“Kai, I had to make a move. We had to create a relationship with Tyson, and according to Tino’s intelligence, Tyson always repays debts. Now he owes us two. The pros far outweigh the cons.” Bastian was stretching his body constantly. He had been given a high quality healing dan moments earlier by Guy. So far he looked completely healed on the outside and he couldn’t help but mumbe “amazing” from time to time.

“When Bastian recognized that Heavy Flash was Eliza Cole, he came up with this plan in order to make things go forward. One must strike while the iron is hot. It is unknown if we would have received such an opportunity in the near future. The horde will not guarantee us success, there are too many unknown factors as time passes by. Better to work with what we know and understand that hoping for the best without a concrete plan. I agree with Bastian’s actions.” The room went deathly quiet as soon as Kenshin finished his monologue.

The usually cheeky Tino and the nonchalant Guy had their mouths open so wide a fly could enter without anyone noticing. Kai wanted to continue his rambling but Kenshin’s words were like weights pressing on his heart. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Kenshin’s words were as valuable as gold.

Bastian snorted in contempt when he saw the reactions of everyone in the room. 

I’m supposed to be the damn strategist! Damn you Kenshin! Always trying to look cool!

Bastian coughed, “Ehem, anyway Tino, great job with the information gathering. You did very well. I hope you all now understand how valuable knowledge is. If I had not known what Eliza looked like, we would not have been able to capitalize on this opportunity.”

Guy finally snapped out of his stupor and chimmed in. “Not to mention that you could have killed her, Making Tyson an enemy of yours.”

“The large knight who follows Tyson would have killed Bastian long before that happened. He is big, but he is faster than he looks. Were it not for my timely interruption, Bastian wouldn’t even have a corpse to leave behind.” said Kenshin as if it was plain as day. Everyone except Bastian nodded to Kenshin’s seemingly wise words. 

Bastian’s face became extremely amusing to behold. He immediately pointed at Kenshin and shouted, ” You bastard! Who is the one who gave you the order to move to their booth? I’m only alive because of my quick thinking!”

“Then tell me this,” Kenshin smirked and crossed his arms, “how would you have known with booth to pick?”

“…” Bastian started pressing his rubber ball and sat down quietly. Kenshin’s counter had left him no room to defend himself. 

“Haha anyway, I have news to report. Tyson’s little sister Sula is arriving tonight from a training expedition.” said Tino with giggle.

“I thought she wasn’t supposed to return anytime soon?” Asked Guy.

“She was, however it seems that she met some trouble. She had started a mercenary group in a sub region of the Western Deserts called The Great Deserts of Shandelar. Apparently that region has experienced a large influx of experts so she was ordered to return for the moment. So she returned with her body guard.”

“Yes, I have heard of her as well. She is an extremely talented mage. My sister constantly went on about her.” said Shasha with a bit of annoyance. 

As the exchange went on, Bastian had been squeezing his ball every second, producing a somewhat annoying noise, however everyone had already gotten used to it. However the moment he heard Shasha say the word mage, his squeezing slowed down, and eventually stopped.

“Tino, I have a question. What is the bodyguard’s name” 

“My my Bastian, it’s rare to see you look so serious. Well she is another freak as well, she is incredibly young but is also in the top five warriors of the city.”

“Possessing two of members of the top five warriors, the Tyson family is not to mess with indeed.” 

“Answer the damn question.” Everyone in the room went quiet at Kenshin’s demand. They noticed that he, like Bastian, had grim expressions. Kenshin and Bastian being in sync rarely happens, but when it does it is somewhat intimidating.

“Vermalaen. Her name is Vermalaen.”

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