Titan’s Throne – Chapter 87: Assassin!

As stars littered the night sky, a multitude of warriors in armour clamoured around a magic circle in the center of a courtyard. If any experienced mage were to see this they would know that this was a long distance teleportation magic circle.

These circles were very difficult to make and even more expensive to create. Just the ingredients needed to carve the circle would be enough to make most businessmen dizzy. Tyson Cole however was no such businessman.

This was one of the courtyards within his territory, and this was the Cole Family’s personal long distance teleportation magic circle. As Tyson stood with the warriors patiently near the circle, he couldn’t help but feel that something was off.

It wasn’t only now as well. For the past week or so he has felt as if he was constantly being watched. He had done many things to confirm that his suspicions were unfounded yet no matter what he did, he could not find the source of his unease.

A man should not feel like this in his own home.

As Tyson sighed, the magic circle lit up, and with a bright flash, silhouettes appeared above the circle. As the light dimmed, Tyson was happy to see that his sister had arrived safe and sound.

Sula Cole was a beauty and a half. She was very attractive with a nearly flawless body. From her curves to her face, any part of her body could charm any man. Vermalaen Cole was no different, except she exuded a different kind of charm. Her entire visage could be described in one word; hot.

From her flaming red hair to her exposed red clothing to the first light within her red eyes, she exuded a feeling of intense sexual attraction and heat. Tyson knew that there were few men who could conquer her heart, and even less who could best her on the battlefield.

Aside from Vermalaen, Sula was also accompanied by warriors in armour that had flaming red designs and a few men tied up in chains. Tyson lifted an eyebrow when he saw this, but he knew he had more than enough time to ask her about such matters after they had greeted each other.

“Brother! I’m so happy to finally see you!” Shouted Sula as she ran to her brother. Tyson walked forward with open arms. After just a step he suddenly felt a chill down his spine.

“Vermalaen!” After hearing the call of her master, Vermalaen did not need to know what to do. She kicked off the ground. Tyson’s shout also made Sula slow down in the tracks, unfortunately neither of the trio knew that that was exactly what their assailant desired.

A blur had passed Tyson and was headed straight for Sula. Tyson reacted a second to slow and was unable to match the blur in speed. Vermalaen was closer to Sula, but it was unsure whether or not the former would make it in time to save the latter from the attack. It was clear that Sula would not be able to protect herself, because the blur was too fast, and the killing intent from it made it clear that it would not be weakling. Sula was far from weak, but as a young mage who had her guard down, such a situation held little suspense

Vermalaen was enraged and afraid. Enraged that she had let her guard down, and afraid of losing Sula. This was even more so for Tyson. In this dire situation, where there seemed to be little hope, a loud voice quickly turned the tables.

“Empyrean Equilibrium Void Shattering Fist!”

The moment the voice spoke, the blur immediately stopped its tracks as if stunned. The image of a young child covered in leather armour with a dagger in hand revealed itself to the rest. The girl had a look of shock on her face as she looked up.

The others were all also stunned by the vision before them. A figure clad in flames was descending at a rapid pace until it nearly hit the ground right in between the assassin and her target.

“First Chapter: The Dragon Descends!”


The moment his feet touched the ground, Bastian moved his body at an astonishing speed. Using his left foot as a pivot, he rotated his body one hundred and eighty degrees. His left hand stretched outwards, in a posture that made it seem as he was attempting to pitch a baseball. Then if , using the force of his impact, he somehow collected all of the kinetic energy onto his right fist and struck the ground.


The shockwave from his strike caused the ground directly in front of him to explode into a mini pyroclastic flow. As if a mini volcano had erupted. A wave of fire rose up with the earth, creating a shocking display of martial might. Once the damage had subsided, Bastian stood there, observing the results of his endeavor. Like an artist proud of his work.

Everyone moved out of the way as quickly as possible. Tensions were running high, killing Intent filled the atmosphere, yet here Bastian was, acting as if he had finished making a work of art.

Man no matter how many times I do this, it never stops looking cool.


Bastian clapped his hands, waking everyone out of the stupor. Tyson’s mind was quickly trying process everything that had happened before him. A child managed to sneak past him and almost killed his sister, The Tempest Monk fell from the sky clad in flames and stopped the assassin in her tracks. However Bastian’s words caused Tyson to be even more confused.

“Mr Cole, it seems as if you owe me a third favour, hahahahahahaha!”

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