Titan’s Throne – Chapter 89: Unworthy To Taste My Steel!

“Uhm….this is definitely not awkward. Not awkward at all.” said Bastian as ne nervously kicked his foot to and fro inside Tyson’s office.

The duo had expected to arrive to an impatient Tyson who was waiting for his sister to arrive, yet they were met with a grumpy Gareth who was waiting for his master to finish his reunion. It didn’t need an expert on expressions to see that Gareth was not happy.

I should be with Master waiting for the Mistress Sula. Not babysitting these hicks who probably can’t even spell their own names backwards.

Gareth had been looking forward to this day for quite sometime. Just like Tyson he had seen Sula grow up and was over protective of her. Not to mention that she was coming along as well.

As Gareth started to head off to daydream land a cough brought him back down to earth.

“Ehem. So um when can we expect to see Tyson?” said Bastian with a shy smile.

“Master Tyson will come when he feels like it!”

Bastian’s smile quickly turned Into a frown. He didn’t like the direction in which things were headed.

It looks like Tyson is giving us the cold shoulder. At least his brute could have offered us some chairs. I mean its not as if this room is lacking in that manner.

Indeed, for an office the room was not lacking anything at all. Expensive, exotic-looking carpets covered the floors, golden pottery and valuable jewelry/objects covered the room sitting on pedestals all over the massive room. A massive desk made from a material Bastian could not even figure out and a small library that had books which seemed like they were many times over more valuable than a human being.

Chairs were all over the room yet the duo were told to merely stand by an empty spot to the side, far away from any valuables. Kenshin seemed to think nothing of it, but Bastian was not happy. Not to mention Gareth and his troop of fellow muscle heads were staring at them as if they had cursed their ancestors.

All I did was bit up a little slightly. Wait…could these guys be lolicons?

“Clap clap!”

Bastian clapped twice, seemingly in an attempt to ease the tension in the room, but Gareth merely snorted and continued giving him the death stare of doom.

“A-anyway brother would it not be fabulous if we could achieve an office as glorious as this one day?” said Bastian as he leaned on Kenshin’s shoulder. His eyes were like a child’s, darting about in every direction as if he was fascinated by everything.

Damn hicks.

Every warrior in the room resisted the urge to snort in disdain at Bastian’s childish behavior, but only the duo knew what was truly happening.

The double clap was actually one of the many signals Bastian had arranged with Kenshin beforehand. It meant that Bastian and Kenshin should activate an ability Bastian named sonar.

Simply put it was a combination of f-vision and e-vision. F vision could view the three dimensional world were as e-vision saw energy. F-vision required delicate use of Soul Force and another element which Kenshin refused to speak off. Generally bombarding the area with your Soul Force was seen as rude behaviour by warriors, especially in their own homes, however Kenshin’s unknown element allowed him to cover the area with Soul Force without others noticing.

Till now Bastian had been trying to figure it out but to no avail. Anyway through the Soul Brethren bond, Kenshin would be temporarily able to share his ability with Bastian. Bastian loved this because it was as if he gained x ray glasses. Not only would he be able to see through walls, but he would be able to see the energy of things outside his line of vision. There was however a catch. For this to work the two had to be in contact at all times. Hence leaning on Kenshin’s shoulder. Had it been any other time, the proud swordsman would never allow such a thing.

The childish behavior was also a cover to allow Bastian to look everywhere without looking suspicious. They already thought he was a fool so Bastian had no qualms with playing the part.

As he looked around Bastian discovered that this house was much larger than he thought it was. Funny enoug Bastian still could not look underground and find out what the source of the world energy wave was.

Tyson is very cautious. He must have had the room warded by a cultivator above the Foundation Realm. That must have been incredibly expensive.

As Bastian looked around, he spotted Tyson and co waiting in a courtyard hundreds of yards away. However another interesting thing caught his eye. A small silhouette, the size of a child seemed to be sneaking through hallways and passages, headed straight for Tyson.

This little child was very impressive, it passed teachers quite a few times even though it was merely an apex fighter, making Bastian marvel at its hiding ability. It wasn’t until Bastian focused his e-vision on that silhouette that things turned ugly.

An apex fighter, a child, with fire metal and earth affinity. Shit!

After realizing the situation, Bastian quickly formulated a plan and telepathically relayed to Kenshin. After hearing the news Kenshin merely frowned for a second but he nodded. With a flash, Kenshin had a cut a hole in the roof.

Gareth and his men saw this and where quick to react, unfortunately they were too slow. Kenshin once more slashed and sword light darted through the hole going who knows where. Without wasting a second, Bastian activated a gust of wind under him and lifted off, heading straight through the hole.

One for the roof and one for the shielding formations. Very smooth Kenshin, very smooth.

As Bastian flew of with a grin, Kenshin did not hesitate to slash at Gareth and co, forcing them back with merely the wind from his strike.

“Th-this? But how?” Gareth stuttered as he could not understand how Kenshin had pushed him back.

Kenshin quietly sheathed his sword and started walking to the fallen warriors who were still groaning.

“We have waited for your master, yet he cared not and gave us no face, now its time for yours to taste my foot once more. Your flesh is unworthy to taste my steel.”

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