Titan’s Throne – Chapter 90: The Feast

Tyson Cole had prepared a feast in honour of his sister’s return from her long and no doubt arduous journey. The table was lined with exquisite treats of the highest quality. If it was expensive and it tasted good, then it would be found for sure if one searched on the long table.

This event was supposed to be a happy and cheerful one, Tyson had even hired musicians and bards to provide entertainment. While the entertainment was certainly performing, barely anyone in the room was entertained.

The reason for this tension was the table itself, or rather how it was arranged. On one side you had Kenshin, Bastian, V, Ben and Lang. On the other side you had Sula, Tyson, Vermalaen, Gareth and the young Eliza Cole, who previously masqueraded as the Heavy Flash in the Elite Gladiator League against Bastian.

Ever since that match the young lady had been extremely angry. She could not make heads or tails of the events that had occurred during the fight. She clearly had the upper hand, and he was clearly only a fire mage. Just how was it that he had made her unconscious? This question had plagued Eliza’s mind the entire time, making her unable to enjoy anything else.

She wanted to barge into Shasha’s mansion and demand an explanation as to why she lost. She believed that Bastian must have cheated, because in her mind she was far stronger than him in her own mind. However Tyson refused to even hear her mention Bastian’s name. So she had no place to vent her anger and was frustrated. She refused to speak to anyone and didn’t come out of her room for the majority of the time. Tyson was happy that she was now out of her room and talking, except he had hoped that it would be Sula’s return that would be the cause. Unfortunately this was only half the reason.

Bastian completely ignored the death stare being given to him by Eliza. As far as he was concerned she was merely a loser, and a brat no less. As usual Bastian had no etiquette and ate like a voracious pig. So long as it looked good, he would reach for it and stuff himself.

How can he act like this in such a situation.

Lang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Tyson was embaressed as well, but he could only look on. The person he intended to talk to was Bastian after all. Having witnessed Bastian’s poor manners, Tyson wanted to avoid the scene created when Bastian spoke while eating.

Vermalaen was unhappy, due to the fact that Sula had almost lost her life under her watch. Her shame far outweighed her anger, mainly due to the fact that the assailant who had managed to get the better of her was a child. Nevertheless, it did not stop her from looking at V with rage. If looks could kill, Bastian, V and Kenshin would be dead a thousand times over.

Bastian had nearly killed Eliza, and V had nearly killed Sula, so you would expect either of these two to receive the most malice. The winner of this competition was neither but was Kenshin. Gareth’s killing intent was so intense it was almost tangible. Any experienced cultivator could tell that this man wanted Kenshin dead.

Eliza wanted Bastian to answer her, Vermalaen was ashamed of the fact that she had been fooled by a child, however Gareth was the most infuriated. If one was to look at his face closely, they would find the rough outline of what seemed to be a foot. Only a fool would be unable to guess what happened.

Sula sat next to Tyson and merely observed the surroundings. She was still far too confused to have any sort of reaction. She constantly looked toward her brother with pleading eyes, hoping for him to do something, but all the high and mighty Tsyon Cole did was shrug his shoulders. Just thinking of the events that had occurred before they got to this position gave Tyson a massive headache.

Since their youth, the Inkume are trained in many aspectsof combat to the highest possible degree. Qi detection being one of them. As she was about to kill Sula, V immediately felt waves of energy she had only ever felt once before. Energy belonging to a person who she thought had been kidnapped, or possibly worse.

No! It can’t be!

As she heard Bastian’s voice, her body shivered and the stone-cold V showed shock as her descended in his fiery brilliance. This would be the second time she would see this.

This is without a doubt Bastian’s legacy! The Empyrean Equilibrium Void Shattering Fist!

As the young man with barely any hair on his head rose from the flames, he calmy flexed his muscles and laughed out loud. “Mr Cole, it seems as if you now owe me a fourth favour! hahahaha!”

When legacies are used, the awakened blood within a cultivator will be at its most vigorous, the more powerful the bloodline, the more it expressed itself.

As Bastian stood, an aura of valour and majesty radiated from his body. Tyson was familiar with the boy, yet right now he seems much bigger and much stronger. The weaker cultivators were all fighting the urge to lower their heads and kneel.

This Bastian was just far too different from what Tyson had seen before. Even the warriors behind him, his personal guard who had been baptized by countless battles, were moved by Bastian’s mere presence. His entrance, coupled with his aura, made it seem as if the god of war himself had descended. Even his cheerful voice carried with it a certain weight that made it somewhat difficult to refuse!


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