Titan’s Throne – Chapter 91: You Dogs, Guess Who’s Gonna Have To Discipline You?

As Bastian stood, an aura of valour and majesty radiated from his body. Tyson was familiar with the boy, yet right now he seems much bigger and much stronger. The weaker cultivators were all fighting the urge to lower their heads and kneel. V had faced the full brunt of this aura before, this she wasn’t affected much, not to mention that as an Inkume her willpower was far beyond most warriors of her level.

Tyson on the other hand was not familiar with this aura, however Tyson was a very experienced man. He knew a legacy when he saw one.

This brat! There is no doubt that he has awakened a powerful bloodline! This is.. 

Knowing full well what the requirements for awakening a bloodline were, Tyson couldn’t help but break into a cold sweat when he looked at Bastian.

There is no way this boy is merely a vassal for a washed down master. If he is a slave then my name is not Tyson Cole.

Tyson’s cultivation was also nothing to scoff at. Not even Tino could discern it. Being the first time Bastian met Tyson in person he would obviously make it his priority to check his cultivation level. As he expected Tyson was truly a monster.

Only having two of the most powerful warriors in the city? What nonsense. This guy is on the brink of leaving the foundation realm entirely!

Noticing Bastian’s fervent stare, Tyson could not help but raise a brow. One of the warriors around Tsyon was finally able to overcome his state of fear and stood up shakily.

“Knights! To arms!”

His shout was like a splash of water in the faces of everyone present. They finally calmed their heads and started to rationalize what was occurring.


Other knights followed suite by raising their weapons. Bastian was somewhat irritated by this development. Yet it was to be expected.

“Apprehend the invaders and protect Lady Sula!”


Within a second a group of warriors headed straight for V, while the leader went straight for Bastian. Bastian knew quite well how V would react, thus in order to avoid unnecessary bloodshed he had to take immediate action.

“Excuse me Mr. Cole, I have to discipline your dogs!”

Tyson was about to tell his men to stand down but Bastian’s words made him stop. He was curious as to what Bastian would do exactly. Bastian was also aware of the possibility of Tyson stopping his men but things were moving too quickly, he couldn’t rely on ‘what ifs’.

The apparent leader of the knights was not a weakling. On the contrary he was quite powerful. A middle Teacher on the verge of breaking through to the next level. His Qi was bright and exuberant.

He reached Bastian far before his colleagues reached V. He lifted his sword in an attempt to strike Bastian. Under normal circumstances he be happy as he knew that Bastian was only an acolyte. As one of Tyson’s most trusted vassals he constantly traveled with him and had seen Bastian fighting in the arena. He was also there when Kenshin had completely overwhelmed Gareth.

Yet despite his knowledge, he could help but shudder when he thought of the aura that Bastian had released moments ago. This caused him to grimace and strike with all his strength. Blue Qi covered his entire body as he struck down at a speed that only few people nearby could see. Unfortunately for the knight leader, Bastian was one of those few.

“Vector Steps!”

Bastian cried out in his heart as he activated another one of his legacies. His silhouette suddenly flashed, and the knights sword cut Bastian’s after image. The knight was in shock for speed was his forte as a water type warrior. It only took a moment for him to catch sight of Bastian again or rather part of him. A giant hand immediately covered his face, and before he knew it, the knight leader was headed downwards.

Bastian had faceplamed the knight leader and slammed his body into the ground. The ground beneath the duo immediately cracked. A shockwave of dust and tiny rocks spread with the impact point as the epicenter, causing the others to turn their focus to the two.

V was familiar with Vector Steps, as Bastian had used it against the Kalari Scorpions before he had been taken away by the mysterious expert. But she was still surprised by the obvious improvement between then and now.

The knight leader was obviously the most shocked. He knew more than most the difference in strength between an Acolyte and a Teacher. Yet he had been out done within an instant, and at close quarters combat at that. The knight leader simply found it hard to believe.

I’ve been defeated by an Acolyte?

Due to the fact that he was a Teacher he could cover his whole body in Qi, including his face. Bastian should not have been able to touch him, yet he had. It was then that he finally focused and noticed the red on Bastian’s arm.

That’s fire Qi!

It wasn’t only the knight leader who had this thought. Almost everyone else on the battlefield had the same idea. They only knew Bastian as a Mage. Sula and Vermalaen were clueless as to what was happening so they merely stared on in confusion at the odd reactions of those around them.

It was at this point that Tyson’s eyes shined and his shock turned into a smile. Then he laughed, “As expected of the Tempest Monk. A truly fascinating show of discipline.”

Others may not have been aware of his sudden change in behavior but Bastian was quite aware. To Tyson, he was an awakened cultivator who could use both mana and Qi. In other words, he was a specialist!

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