Titan’s Throne – Chapter 92: Be Careful Of What You Are About To Say…

Tyson had built an entire business empire within a short span of time. One of the reasons he had been able to do so was his discerning eye. From Bastian’s mannerisms to his demeanor, he seemed nothing like a slave. On the contrary, he was quite noble.

Bloodline Awakening. 


Either of these words could cause any ordinary cultivator to shudder. Just being a specialist alone was enough to catch Tyson’s attention, but if the two phenomena were together it only meant one thing:

A high class bloodline!

It was very rare for an awakening to convert a cultivator into a specialist. And it only occurred if the bloodline itself was of the highest grade. Few men were privy to such information, and Tsyon was one of them.

As Tyson gazed at Bastian’s heterochromatic eyes, he shuddered as he thought of the background behind the youth. Thus, being the businessman he was, he was quick to adapt.

“On behalf of the Tyson household let me apol-”

“Shh.” Tyson was interrupted by Bastian, who put his index finger on top of his mouth. Bastian had a serious expression on his face, one that gave Tyson the chills.

Is he offended? But he seemed to be fine a moment ago? I must remedy this immediately!

Before Tyson could think of anything, a loud growling noise echoed throughout the courtyard. It made everyone present show an ugly expression, for this was not the growling of a beast: this was the growl of Bastian’s stomach.

Ah, so that’s why.

Tyson’s face finally relaxed after his initial shock: “Sir Tempest, we have prepared a feast inside. Would you like to join us?”

“Excellent!” Bastian clapped his hands in satisfaction: “But on one condition”

“So long as it is within my power it will be done.” said Tyson with a smile. No one else made a move in this awkward atmosphere, making Bastian and Tyson the main characters of the conversation. Unfortunately for the latter, he regretted his words the moment he heard the former’s request.

“Its quite simple really…” Bastian pointed: “Her, him and him will dine with us.”

Thus the current situation of the awkward feast was reached. Bastian had now idea how Sula had captured Lang and Ben as her slaves, but he didn’t care. In his eyes, they were his people. The moment they had arrived, they belonged to him, and he would use any means to make that happen.


Suddenly Bastian hit the table with both his hands, surprising all who were sitting around said table: “What a splendid meal. Good work Mr Cole, I’m am truly satisfied.”

“I am glad.” said Tyson with the friendliest smile he could put on. Bastian has the demeanor of a noble, yet he ate like a pig. He clearly didn’t care what others thought about it either. From Tyson’s experience, such behaviour meant one thing: Bastian believed he had the power, despite his seemingly disadvantageous situation. Tyson couldn’t not take this seriously.

“Now let’s begin. Mr Cole: you owe me three favours. So I will ask three things:

First, that we form an alliance.

Second, that you give me what belongs to me.

Third, that you honour the first two requests with an oath to the heavens.” said Bastian while he picked his teeth for leftovers.

“Sir Tempest I am not sure what you refer to by ‘alliance’ and ‘what belongs to you’…” Tyson bowed slightly.

“Alright. The first request will take some time to deal with so let’s deal with the second first. The young girl who just tried to assassinate your sister and these two gentlemen are my vassals. Due to extenuating circumstances, we got separated. However, now that I see you have them I want them back.”

“Outrageous!” Shouted Vermalaen: “The two slaves are our spoils of war and she is an enemy of ours! Thanks to that little demon, Lady Sula’s life has been placed in danger multiple times!”

“I know: I was the one who ordered her to kill Sula.” said Bastian confidently.

This statement made Tyson and his family gasp in surprise. On the way to the feast, Vermalaen and Sula had been briefed on Bastian’s identity by Tyson. Now, they couldn’t help but struggle as they thought of how he could possibly be related to their wars.

“To put it simply, I am the strategist hired by General Moto to defeat your little army. And you are mistaken. She was not targeting Sula, she was targeting you, Vermalaen. As someone from the western deserts, I am confident you know why.”

This news from Bastian was like a thunderclap from the nine heavens for Tyson and his family: Tyson was fully aware of what his sister had been doing in the Western Deserts, so he too understood Bastian’s meaning. To prevent Sula from danger, Vermalaen was masquerading as the general of their army, thus it would only be natural that V targeted Vermalaen.

Vermalaen realized that V could not have been in the Yani City for long, as they had just faced off with her the previous day. The time required to reach this city meant that V only had a few hours or so before she attacked to know where they would land.

How did she know Sula was from Yani City? Not to mention she had always attempted to assasinate Vermalaen, today was the first time she targeted Sula. How did she know Sula was the true leader?

The Cole family had multiple questions, to be honest Bastian was quite curious as well.

“V, how did you figure out where they were headed and who they were?”

V snorted.

“They are poor actors. As for their identity and location, I could tell from a lot of things. I investigated their headquarters thoroughly and found many items I knew where synonymous with Yani City. From the fabrics and armour they wore to their accents.”

Bastian nodded his head in approval.

As expected of an Inkume. Your observational skills are impressive.

“You expect me to believe such drivel?” retorted Vermalaen.

“I don’t know and don’t care. I was answering my master.”

While Vermalaen’s fury soared, Bastian grew more and more impressed by V. She had been able to read the situation well and went along with his act. He thought he knew her well but he did not know she was this good of an actor.

“I see. Sir Tempest, this request is impossible for me to fulfill.” Said Tyson after much deliberation.

“Oh really?”

“I am afraid so. She almost killed my sister in front of my own eyes in my own home. If I do not kill her, how could I have any face within my family?”

“I almost killed your daughter in front of your own eyes in front of a cheering public, yet you let that go…”

Bastian’s eyes narrowed as he smirked:

“Spare me the nonsensical excuses Mr Tyson. I may be eccentric, but I am not a fool. Your hypothetical words have irritated me. So, when you speak next, tread carefully!”

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