Titan’s Throne – Chapter 93: ~Windy~

“I almost killed your daughter in front of your own eyes in front of a cheering public, yet you let that go. Spare me the nonsensical excuses, Mr Tyson. I may be eccentric, but I am not a fool. Your hypothetical words have irritated me, so, when you speak next, tread carefully!”

It would not be a lie to say that Bastian was unaccustomed to threatening someone. However, he would not shirk away from it if needed be. And right now, it was one of those times. A few moments ago he had looked quite the fool, stuffing his face like a pig on death’s row. And even earlier, he had resembled a war god, bathed in an incredible energy and aura. Now, he was back to his serious face, making everyone on Tyson’s side swallow their saliva.

Tyson had always thought of himself as not quite the emotional man. To him this was a negotiation, nothing more nothing less, and, as far as he was concerned, there was no need to cave in, despite Bastian’s seemingly frightening identity.

After calming himself, Tyson’s train of thought changed somewhat as he started to truly realize the situation.

Regardless of who he his, he is in my house, in my city. This negotiation is on my terms. I will not allow myself to go along with his rhythm.

Sula knew her brother better than anyone else. So long as it had a wisp of resembling a business, her brother would lose himself in his so-called ‘logic’. She knew Tyson was far from caving in. Both she and Vermalaen knew what was at stake, but they also had a reason to be confident.

Our backing is not light either.

This thought was within the minds of all the Cole family members. They were intimidated by Bastian, but they were also confident in their backer. Not to mention that underneath their house was…

“Sir Tempest, it does not matter what you say. This is my house,” Tyson crossed his arms across his chest: ” And in my house, people follow my rules.”

Tyson put an emphasis on the word ‘my’ twice, much to the chagrin of those on Bastian’s side. Especially V: she knew that Tyson was on a level that was far from being weak, but in this situation she felt as if she had no choice. She started to slowly move the qi in her body and decided to kill him on the spot. As long as he was dead, she believed they had a chance of escaping. Although Lang and Ben were weak, they still had Kenshin on their side. If V was not able to tell that he was powerful, she would be putting the Inkume name to shame.

When she was about to move, Bastian suddenly placed his arm on her lap and squeezed it.

This…how did he know?

Bastian looked at her and winked. V’s face did not change but she was still surprised. She knew Bastian well enough to know that he wouldn’t be so confident unless he had a plan. He was very good at reading other people, but he wasn’t that much of a good liar. At least, not this good if he was lying.

“Mr Cole, you think I don’t know about what you are hiding beneath your home?” Bastian leaned on the table and placed his chin on his hands.

“Why, Sir Tempest, I have no idea what you might mean…” replied Tyson with a calm demeanor. Bastian applauded the man in his mind for his composure. He had not even flinched when Bastian had revealed one of his trump cards. Sula and Vermalaen were not as strong-willed as Tyson, but still didn’t do a bad job. If it was a normal person, they would have been convinced that they were indeed wrong. Unfortunately, the two young women were in front of Bastian Smith. Their facial façades might as well be transparent glass in front of his eyes. Gareth’s expression was blank and so was the young lady’s. It was clear that they were not in on it.

“You must be wondering how I know… you must have have done an impressive job keeping a tight lid on this Mr Cole, yet the lid just wasn’t tight enough. It’s a shame really…”

“Sir Tempest, like I said, I am not aware of what you are referring to…” Tsyon was still feigning ignorance. His face was as calm as a pond’s surface, but his heart was in turmoil.

Impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible! How? Just how did he learn about this? I made sure even Gareth and my own daughter were not aware!  Could it be that there is a spy in my household?

“You must be thinking that there is a spy in your household, which would be the logical conclusion one would come up with… and indeed you do, but that is not what we are here to discuss. If you do not accept my terms, I’m afraid I will have to let the rest of the city learn of your endeavors…”

“And how exactly will you do this?” This time it was Sula who spoke. Tyson shook his head as he wanted to keep feigning ignorance but he, just like his sister, could not ignore the matter of a spy being so close to them.

“You are in our house.” The moment Sula spoke, she snapped her fingers and a group of elite knights surrounded the room with their swords drawn. “These men are but a speck compared to our true power… just how do you intend to leave this house alive after making such a grand exclamation?”

“Lady Sula, when I said I would reveal what you have hidden underground, you seem to have misunderstood me. What I was referring to was not through words… It was through action.” Bastian stood up himself and snapped his fingers, yet nothing occurred.

“Hoh? And what action might that be?” said Sula with a look of disdain on her face.

Bastian put on a savage grin the moment he heard her speak. “Well, let’s just say its going to get a little windy in this room…”

The grin turned even fiercer as he looked up:

“Or should I say… this entire compound?”

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