Titan’s Throne – Chapter 94: So Many Favours…

“Windy? Is that the best you can do?” Sula laughed as she looked down on Bastian in disdain. Bastian did not reply and simply smiled. The confidence in his eyes was something that could not escape Sula’s eyes.

“You obviously have a plan… but whatever it is we will stop it, do not underestimate our-” Before Sula’s could continue, she was interrupted by a panting servant who had barged into the room.

“Lady Sula! Master! I have something urgent to report!”

Sula was clearly unhappy that she bad been interrupted, and was about to reprimand the servant when Tyson’s voice rang out: “Speak.”

Sula was displeased, but since her brother had interfered there was nothing she could do.

“Master, the winds outside… something strange is happening.”

“What? Be more specific!” demanded Sula.

“I am afraid I cannot describe it: it is best if you were to come and see this yourself!” The servant had a dire expression and was shaking all over. Beads of sweat were trickling down his forehead as he spoke. There was no doubt that whatever he had seen had scared him to death.

“Tyson, I suggest you take you entire family and take a look outside. You do not want to miss this this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” Bastian spoke with a confident smile: “Do not worry about us, I won’t leave until I have settled my matters with you… Mr Cole.”

“What opportunity is this?” Vermalaen was the one who spoke this time: she had been silent the whole time and had simply been paying attention, but Bastian’s words had piqued her curiosity.

“Why, to see my Master at work of course!”

After the time it takes two incense sticks to burn had passed, the Cole family finally returned. Their expressions were all grim, and no one said anything as they took their seats quietly. Gareth and Elisha were unusually well-behaved, while Sula’s confident demeanor was gone completely. It was a while before any of them spoke.

“How?” Asked Sula.

How what?” said Bastian.

“How is this possible? The city has a mana draining field that should take effect the moment a spell of this size occurs. This field was made by a Fusion realm expert and some top class Teachers! How?!” Sula couldn’t help help but gnash her teeth as she spoke. Anger, fear, befuddlement, surprise, embarrassment… all of these emotions had stirred themselves up into an emotional cocktail that ravaged her heart.

“Ah… but you see, my dear, there is a difference between having had a Fusion realm expert… and having one.”

Bastian’s words struck everyone like lightning. Fusion realm, the realm after the Foundation realm! Less than a thousandth of cultivators were able to enter this mysterious realm. It was rumoured that a single Fusion realm expert could level a D rank city by themselves, and that a team of them could stand toe to toe with the forces of a B rank city. Such an incredible power was not to be belittled!

One of the requirements for a City to become a C rank city was that it needed to have least one Fusion realm expert residing within permanently. Yani city obviously had at least one, as it was a peak C rank city. Unfortunately, the Cole family did not have such an expert.

When they had gone outside to see what the fuss was about they were gobsmacked: what they had seen was that a hurricane was forming above their home and was slowly descending upon their compound with a speed visible to the naked eye! It was impossible for such a thing to occur naturally, thus is had to be from a powerful expert. Sure, the city had a mana draining field to prevent such large scale spells from occurring within, however they could not ignore what was happening.

Using a communication device, Tyson learned that this Hurricane was only in the skies directly above the Cole family compound. Yani City was incredibly large, and the land owned by the Cole family was much larger than most D rank cities and a few C rank cities, yet this Hurricane that had formed in the clouds above them was about to blot out the sky! Thousands of families within the Cole compound despaired at the site: some ran into their home and shut the doors and windows but most knew it was futile to do so. After learning the full details of what was happening, Tyson led his family back indoors.

“So how was it? I did tell you it would get a bit windy. The only question is, will it get even more windy?” Bastian tilted his head as if he truly did not know the answer to his own question: “That, ladies and gentlemen, is up to your brother!”

Tyson’s face was scrunched up, internally he was conflicted. Had he known that Bastian’s Master was so powerful, he would have never even dared to be rude to Bastian.

When he descended from the sky he looked like death incarnate himself. I assumed that the feeling of submission that I felt was only his bloodline, but it seems I was wrong!

“Alright Sir Tempest, in light of… recent events, I have come to realize how foolish I was. I owed you, yet I refused to repay my debts so please allow me to-”

“No need to worry, Mr Cole. That has all been forgotten. Let us move on, because discussing the past is a boring matter for me!”

“Of course. Now about your three favours, I am confident we can accommodate your demands.” Tyson saw Bastian’s face frown the moment he stopped talking: “Sir Tempest is something the matter?”

“Mr Cole, I’m very disappointed in you.” Bastian shook his head and sighed.

“What did I do wrong?”

“Did you not see the winds outside. I am going to have to quell my Master’s anger. This will not be easy.”

Tyson could immediately guess were this was going, so he decided to take the initiative.

“My apologies Sir Tempest. I do indeed owe you a fourth favour.”

Bastian grinned and put his chin on his hands: “That storm is quite large. Surely it warrants more than one favour don’t you think?”

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