Titan’s Throne – Chapter 98: Spear Against Support!

Support techniques were generally the most looked down upon, do to their poor performance in one particular field. Yet what Bastian had just used did not seem like a support technique. No, to the majority it seemed as if he had fused a defense, movement and attack martial technique perfectly. But the true veterans knew that this was not so

Tyson still remained upright as he saw the ongoing battle. He knew that for a support technique to be this strong considering Bastian’s low cultivation, it meant one thing. The technique itself was powerful!


Maita groaned in agony as he pulled his body for the impression he had made in the wall one limb at a time. He was an earth attribute warrior so the impact to the wall had not done much to him. What was really hurt was his pride.

To end up in such a sorry state, due to a measly support technique…unforgivable.

Maita narrowed his eyes as killing intent billowed from his body like lava from a volcano. Bastian did not attack, instead he simply put his arms on his waist and waited for Maita to attack once more.

With a grunt, Maita once more attacked Bastian. The former’s figure darted toward the latter like an arrow let loose from its quiver. Bastian simply used his gauntlets to parry any attacks that went at him.

Sounds of metal clashing resounded throughout the arena as the duo provided a feast for the eyes with their incredible abilities. Maita was like a mountain; heavy, imposing and unbreakable. Bastian was like a river; unceasing, flexible and formless. Whatever Maita brought out, Bastian would either parry, block or counter.

At first Bastian’s movements seemed a little bit rusty, but over time, his movements and transition from defense to offense started to become more fluid. Maita noticed this better than anyone else and was enraged.

He is using me to perfect his technique! How daring!

This was indeed so, after all Bastian was not like Maita, who had been training in martial arts since young. Bastian took every fight he had as a lesson, in order to improve himself. This was particularly due to Kenshin’s influence.






The audience would let out noises of marvel at the symphony of sounds let out by the duo, and most of them really had no choice but to rely on sound, for the two fighters were simply moving too fast!


So far Bastian had not made any attacks, all he was doing was bearing the brunt of Maita’s fury and occasionally countering. Being the astute man he was Bastian could easily tell that Maita was enraged.

He has probably noticed I am using him to hone my technique. That’s not good young man, anger leads to defeat if one is not careful.

Bastian was in truth a thirty year old man, so he still looked upon those who had the same physical age as him as children.

Maita’s spear danced like a snake as it weaved through the air with deadly intent. After unsuccessfully targeting Bastian’s upper body Maita decided to change his target. He made a feint for Bastian’s face and suddenly shifted his target to Bastian’s legs.

Bastian was awed by the young man’s spearmanship but nevertheless reacted in time. Maita had shifted from a stab to a sweep as he targeted both of Bastian’s legs. The sweep was meant to hit Bastian’s left leg first, but all it met was air.

Maita shifted his eyes up only to notice that Bastian had disappeared from his view, then an armored hand suddenly descended from above gripping his spear. The grip was so strong it stopped the spears momentum. It was Bastian’s!

Using the spear as a fulcrum, Bastian spun his body around and delivered a kick with the weight of his whole body behind it. The front of his foot was also covered in some condensed purple energy which exploded upon impact.

The result was simple. Maita was separated from his spear and once again lodged himself into the walls of the arena. This time however the depression was deeper than the previous one. Those who sat above the depression felt the ground beneath them quake a bit.

Bastian landed smoothly on the ground while holding Maita’s spear.He had a smug grin on his face because he knew what was to come. The crowd went into an uproar as soon as they processed what had occurred. Bastian’s display of athleticism and his agility had been a pleasure to see.

The key point however was that he had separated Maita from his spear! This had never happened before since Maita had fought in the arena. To a spear-man losing your spear was the epitome of shame. It would be better to have it drop on the ground or something of the like, but to have it forcefully taken from your hands?

The crowd was expecting a furious Maita to step out of the impression and attack Bastian like a madman. Yet the scene they were expecting did not occur.

Once again Maita got himself out of the wall, this time however there were multiple visible injuries. Blood was trickling down his head and one of his arms was bent in the wrong direction. Step by step, the once glorious Maita groggily walked toward Bastian.

Bastian also did not use this time to attack. He only narrowed his eyes and stared at the approaching Maita as if he was waiting for something. Once Maita was a few feet away he stopped and returned Bastian’s icy gaze with his own.


The sound of bones being moved into place echoed throughout the arena as Maita popped his arm back into place, his expression still frosty like nothing had happened.

Bastian smiled and did another odd action which surprised the crowd. He threw Maita his spear!

With a sour expression Maita caught his spear. Once it was in his hands he closed his eyes, as if he was deep in contemplation. The arena was so quiet one could hear the sound of a person swallowing their saliva.

The actions of Maita spurned the minds of the sharper ones in the audience. They knew that the duo had some sort of tacit understanding and that now was the pivotal moment.

With a reluctant look on his face, Maita sighed and turned away from Bastian. He started to walk toward the exit of the arena. While the crowd was still trying to process what was happening, a loud voice struck the arena like thunder in a clear sky. It was Maita’s voice.

“I surrender!”

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