Titans Throne – Prologue: The Power of a True Sovereign

The Sovereign Continent, a place with only one language throughout the entire land, a place where only one currency dominated the entire economy, a place where things like; looks, fame, intelligence or any factor that could possibly make someone the focus of other people’s admiration, all paled to one thing. That one thing just happens to be both a language and a currency, that one thing is; power.

In the face of power, all other things bow in reverence. If one has power, he or she is just. If one has power, then one is beautiful. If one has power, one has both fame and fortune. As long as one has power, everything falls into one’s grasp.

The source of power in this world stems from one thing, cultivation. This is the art of taking in energy from the environment and making it your own, resulting in wonders such as; magic spells, illusions, battle techniques and other skills. In general, there are two types of cultivators, a Mage and a Warrior.

Both are vast in terms of scope and very difficult to master. Mages take in world energy and convert it to Mana. Then, they use it to power up their spells. On the other hand, Warriors convert world energy into Qi, which they use to directly enhance their bodies or weapons. Whilst there are many subcategories within both vocations, including some that border on both, the majority of the people in the Sovereign Continent, aim for one of these two major vocations.

Without the ability to cultivate, life for a person in the Sovereign Continent would be very difficult, just like the life of someone on Earth who could not read or write. On Earth, knowledge is power. However, on the Sovereign Continent, cultivation is everything.

Due to the overwhelming influence cultivation has on the continent, concepts like democracy and human rights practically don’t exist. After all, why would one listen to millions of voices, when one could kill them all with a wave of one’s hand? This is the law of the jungle, the strong prey on the weak.

This led to a situation of constant warfare throughout the continent. Those with power wanted more, and those without stood helpless to stop them. If one is born with weak cultivation talent, or if one has no one in his or her family who has talent to back him or her, then one is doomed to mediocrity. This applied to the majority of citizens on the continent.

On this continent, in a vast wilderness, in the middle of nowhere, stood a man. This man was tall. He stood at two meters, his face roughly edged, like the face of a warrior, who had seen a thousand wars and won all of them. His eyes were closed as if he were asleep. He had a long white beard and white hair. Although his hair was white, his face looked like that of a middle aged man, not one like the gentle Uncle who visits on holidays, but more like the face of a God of War. If you could ever imagine one.

Every inch of his intimidating body exuded an aura of battle, he was riddled with small scars, on all the parts of his body that were exposed, like his hands and face, whilst the other parts were covered in golden armor. The armor was riddled with patterns of dragons everywhere.

It was not thick heavy armor. It looked very light, only because a man of his stature was wearing it. This man was not only tall, but he was burly and very muscular. Ignoring the scars, his physique was at the pinnacle of perfection. The armor he wore clung to his body, as if it were tailor made, it gave one the impression of a battle deity. Even without the armor, this man could still exude majesty and power.

Behind him were a few hundred people, the majority of them were soldiers, fully adorned in armor, standing in formation. All of their faces hardened from countless battles. One look in their eyes and one would clearly see that they held extreme respect for the large, golden armored man.

Besides, the soldiers were a group of people wearing golden robes. It would only take one look for one to notice that these robes were not made from ordinary materials. These were the robes of Scholars, the Scholars who also gave out a highly profound aura, one that was almost on a par with the golden armored man.

The Scholar at the front, a friendly looking middle aged man, looked at the golden armored man and said, “Your Majesty, if you do not mind, please explain why we are out here, in the middle of nowhere and worse still, alone?”

The man referred to as ‘Your Majesty’, snorted and said, “I didn’t invite you, you followed me of your own volition, now shush, and I’m trying to concentrate.” The friendly looking Scholar was greatly troubled by this response. Although he was used to the childish mentality of his Emperor, there was a limit to his patience. “Since when can an Emperor walk around randomly by himself?” he thought.

Suddenly the air changed, it was as if the atmosphere suddenly became heavier. The gentle looking Scholar knew his Emperor was the cause of what was happening. It seemed, the Emperor was really concentrating on something. Since his master was concentrating on something, the Scholar could only smile wryly and observe in silence.

The golden armored man opened his eyes. He looked back towards one of the soldiers, pointed at one of the soldiers and said, “You, hand me your spear.” The soldier instantly walked until he was in front of the Emperor. He knelt, and handed him his spear, as if he was giving him an extremely valuable treasure. The Emperor grunted in approval, took the spear nonchalantly and walked past the soldier.

The Emperor suddenly looked up to the sky and said, “Gotcha, finally! I’m no longer stuck with NPCs! Hahahahahahaha.” His golden eyes glinted with superb fervor whilst he laughed. He readied his stance, so he could throw the spear properly. To him this felt casual, but to his soldiers everything he did was perfect, from his form to his countenance.

Countless gazes of awe and admiration were concentrating on the Emperor. Everyone, except the kind looking Scholar, was completely enamored. The Scholar had furrowed his brow as soon as he had heard the phrase ‘NPC’, at that moment he was deep in thought, no one noticed this because they were all concentrating on the Emperor.

At this instant, the Emperor took a step forward, as he took this step the earth trembled and the forest shook. A golden radiance was covering him at this moment. This radiance was even covering the spear, like a thin film.


With a shout, the Emperor released the spear. As soon as the spear left his hands, the thin radiance surrounding it became a long coiling dragon. This golden dragon coiled around the spear, causing the spear to rotate ceaselessly during its lift off. A sonic boom was released along with the spear as well. The shockwave afterwards spread from the Emperor outwards, even the trees and plants within a 10 kilometer radius were completely uprooted by the force. The people however, stood there unaffected. As if they were experiencing a gentle breeze…

At another place, countless kilometers away, a large mountain stood. At the base of the mountain, a large slaughter was occurring. One group was decimating the other. Constant screams of pain littered the battle field. One soldier was about to kill his opponent, when he suddenly looked up and screamed, “D-dragon!”

The others all looked up at this moment; what they saw left them speechless. A massive, golden, coiling dragon was flying straight towards them. The dragon’s head was the size of a palace. Its body was extremely long. Its golden scales released a brilliant sheen as its body stretched as far as the eye could see. Its speed was also nothing to scoff at. In the blink of an eye, it was already above the mountain, and with an earth shattering roar, it crashed into the mountain, causing earth and debris to fly everywhere.

With the mountain as the epicenter, a shockwave filled with golden radiance, travelled outwards for hundreds of miles. Everything within a hundred kilometers was killed instantly. Humans, animals, and insects, as little as they were, all dead. With one exception!

After the chaos subsided, the entire area was quiet. Only dust and the occasional wind existed with the rubble. Suddenly, a tiny hand burst out of the earth. This hand was followed by a body. The owner of this body was what looked like a twelve year old boy. He stood up and coughed repeatedly, trying to catch his breath. He had purple colored hair and azure eyes. His tiny body was covered in tattered robes.

He looked dazed and confused.

Then he suddenly said, “This…where is this?”

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