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Hello, this is KobatoChanDaiSuki, founder,translator and an editor of KobatoChanDaiSukiScan.

Well, I’ve first written that I was going to take a short break explaining few things that happened to me.
I thought it’d be done. But always things happen, worse goes to worst. And there’s idiots everywhere.

Dinara (or Anastasiadinara) from Kawa Scans had put a comment on this blog. Ofc, all comments have to be approved by me or other administators to appear. But then, I was too lazy to answer and approve to this foolish comment :

So I answer now :

1. You did not steal many projects? 1 is plenty enough to be many. You’ve stolen Kakegurui from us, making it look like we abandonned it and you just picked it up. Have you asked Twisted Hel Scans for Tokyo Ghoul? Have you asked nojay for Jyoshikausei? that make 3. 3 is already far much than any other in scanlating world, I pretty guess. If you’ve not stolen from them, I deeply apologize. But have you got any evidences that you’ve asked them?

2.”I did not know before I dug blablabla”, are you fucking serious? Tokyo Ghoul was sure unpopular, yes yes. Joshikausei as well, yes yes. Kakegurui as well, yes yes.they were minor mangas that nobody knows, of course~.

Another thing :

I also thought Dinara was good guy but then when I worked with them (as a translator) for Gaussian Blur (a korean webtoon), I worked fine, giving my script every week until that my holidays came and I had to go to Korea and Japan for 2 weeks. I’ve noticed him long before that I was going to be absent for 2 weeks and that I’ll come back later. He finds a subtitut translator, that was fine. But he made the other one do the all, without even asking me if I wanted or accepted the other party to continue. There, I did not manifest much, I just went elsewhere peacefully.

However, he had to steal Kakegurui, one of our project. Sure we were doing it slowly, but it doesn’t give you the right to steal another’s project to do as you wish. Of course Dinara asked me to make a joint work on Kakegurui. But was I obliged to make a joint work with someone? Was I obliged to joint work with someone that sent me away for what I did for them? Nothing obliges me to work together on a work. You can ask but cannot force someone to joint work. I already said no for Kakegurui, that we were going to work on it by ourselves. And also, Dinara did not ask me if he could pick Kakegurui up nor did he notice me that he was going to work on it. NOTHING. And he made it like we abandonned it and that they just picked an abandonned project. They released the 3rd chapter 2-3 hours before we were done and going to release. Of course, me and my team talked about it, they just said me to calm down (cuz I was quite angry) and that we just drop it. Then we had to drop it thanks to a thief.

Anyway, I was taking my break, just gotten his comment full of sarcasm and ill intention, was too lazy to answer him but then just today, I’ve received an email!

This is just fucking hilarious. I’m sooooo scared. Just wow~ not approving a comment makes me a trash and liar. just Wow.
I’m making up stories? Do I have to take picture of my Rendez-Vous with the psychologue due to depression and anxiety?
Just wow. No comment possible.

Seriously, what gives you the right to swear at me?

So Dinara, I return you the word.


thank you.

P.S : nowadays, some people don’t know about codes and respects. not even in the scanlating/translating world.

14 Replies to “Toaru Baka no Internet”

  1. lirg123

    This is the reason why translation group should just become one. I find it diifficult to keep track of all the solo blogger. If i were to translate a story, instead of creating my own group, I would just go join one (note, I have no skill in such department). Now this is becoming a gang war. Hopefully this could end as peacefully as possible.

    I shale await the day you return.

  2. Loco15

    Aw, crap. The internet just gets shittier everyday doesn’t it? Guys like this appearing everywhere and making the internet their shithole. “sigh” But if we killed them all they would make them a sub-species or something and make it genocide. Well, please rest assured Kobatochandaisuki, that for every asshole like this there is bound to be 5 or 10 guys that support you. And also there is a good chunk of decent people that just stays as ninjas (don’t comment). So just ignore them if you can or simply don’t get involved with them. I hope you feel better kobatochandaisuki.

  3. WishUm

    Even though there are two sides to every story, and I’m only seeing yours, the last line of that email invalidates anything Dinara says as far as I’m concerned. I hope you feel better Kobatochan. You’re still my favorite.

  4. night

    Well you don’t own the manga and another scanlator taking workload off means other series can be worked on better. I get less and less sympathetic when I have to wait over 200 days to get a single chapter when the manga is already finished in Japan. I’m not accusing you of doing that but at the same time the quicker the manga and the more scanlators the better. I mean you don’t see subbers claiming sole possession of this or that anime translation (guess because scanlating is harder than subbing, at least that’s what I heard).

    1. kuronatsukiko

      You can download or record the anime and if it doesn’t have subs, you can just add them in at the bottom as text. It’s a bit slow, since you probably have to pause it after you hear a phrase and add the time and all, but it works out.

      When it comes to manga, you have to get it, possibly cut it out of a book, scan it into your computer, and then you have to clean it up, because it will look bad, the colors will be off, there will be artifacts, spots where it’s lighter or darker, little dust specks or something. The lines also might not be clear. So you have to adjust it so the background is white, and the ink is black.

      After that, you have to translate, erase the text, replace the text, fix the fonts, fix the bubbles, and in some areas, because the text there was Japanese text outside of the bubble or something, you might have to cut out parts of the image and get someone to draw it back in after you put the appropriate text there.

      I’ve tried the whole cleaning/redrawing part. I found some filters that make it easier, but you have to buy those. Even then, I have to go in and hand clean it page by page, or fill in some spots with black or re-shade things because the color balance was totally off. Also, the lines might not be totally filled in. There might be white specks or whatever in the lines due to the material it was printed on or them trying to save ink. So you have to fill those in, clean up the lines, etc. At least, that’s what I had to do.

      I was never part of a scanlation group, I was just trying my hand at it out of curiosity/for fun. It took forever to do one chapter. I assume it will get faster as you get better, but it’s pretty labor intensive. At least, it was in my experience. And the quality of what I did was of course, far inferior even though I kept spending time drawing and redrawing lines and carefully filling things in pixel by pixel and line by line.

      1. kobatochandaisuki Post author

        Exactly, and it takes even more time when you have to coordinate your team members. Ofc, I asked my team to work very neatly for redrawing & redrawing and I also tried to find the best raws for Kakegurui (I had a private source that I was neat) for the work.

        But yeah, all the work is wasted and all those pretty raws I had to work to get them(cuz I had to work to get those as an exchange) are also wasted.

        I only feel regret and sorrow…

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