When The Star Flutters – Chapter 1 : The star fell down

Seyre Calendar, 16th October 1481, Valland Kingdom’s capital Oleyg

“Your majesty…your majesty.”

Noticing the voice, the man stopped thinking and turned his head towards the commander-in-chief of the Defense Forces who went besides him before he could realize.

“Ahh, I’m sorry.”
“Are you alright, your majesty? Your complexion doesn’t seem to be so well.”

The marshal Grellia Farbe, the commander-in-chief of the Defense Forces, asked him with an anxious expression.
“It’s alright. It’s nothing.”
Almentz Voizze, the king of Valland, said so with a smile.
However, his smile was somewhat stiff.

(It’s no wonder since he hasn’t had decent sleep these past few days.)

The marshal Farbe knew why King Voizze couldn’t sleep well.
No, it wasn’t only Voizze, but Marshal Farbe also hasn’t been back to his house for the past few days.
He was constantly in the capital’s general headquarters of the Defense Forces like he was canned in.
Giving instructions after informations coming one after another, without having enough sleep during the past 4 days, his sleeping hours was no more than 3 hours.
And Farbe’s Situation was still better than the headquarters’ young staff, some were working without sleep.

“More than that, is there any new information?”

The king Voizze asked the marshal Farbe while stroking his chin.
Voizze had an average proportion with a moderate build and an intelligent looking face.
His height was about 120 loreg tall. (1 loreg = 1.5 cm)
He was still young, being 36 years old, but compared to the last few days, it looked like he has gotten 2 or 3 more years older.

“The front has been greatly set back”

While saying so, he pointed to the map that hung on the wall.

“Until 5 days ago, the front was at the foremost of our kingdom’s frontier. But now is–”

Marshal Farbe drew a rather uneven horizontal black line below a red line with a feather pen.

“I see. With the air superiority and the sea control taken by the enemy, I guess it’s hard to fight evenly.”

“Our navy’s vessels can’t even hit the Sihollangr fleet, moreover the wyvern unit can only fight, at best, on par against them. The enemy surpasses us, the weapons and arms, in all aspects.”

The front was changing when the Sihollangr Empire’s attack started in Galkreruf, a thin region covering the southern and northern continent.

Initially, there were 140,000 soldiers from the Valland army and the Southern Continent Allied Forces in Galkreruf.
Sihollangr came in all at once with a large army of 200,000.

The first quarter of the day, after the attack launch, both sides waged fierce battles, the retreat of the front was only about 0.5 Zellud (1.5 km).
But just before the evening, a large Sihollangr fleet suddenly appeared about 6 Zellud from the port located in south Galkreruf.
The defense here was made up of 10,000 men who faced an army of 70,000, who arrived in attack transports ; however, the defense was easily penetrated.

The Southern Continent Allied Forces had deployed 50,000 soldiers in the east coast, wary of a Sihollangr’s amphibious assault in the rear, but the Sihollangr landing forces landed at the west coast, Sihollangr detached forces, like stabbing in the back, continued to charge furiously and the next day, on 10 October, attacked the rear of the border deployment force and destroyed the supply route.
Early in the morning, Sihollangr Navy’s cruiser and battleship fleet bombarded the coast and at the end, they’ve added the dragon carrier’s wyverns to defeat the border garrisons.
On the 10 in the evening, the remaining troops of the border garrisons decided to retreat the front by 10 Zellud in the fear of Sihollangr army breaking through the front and encircle them.

When the news was spread to the inhabitants, they started to panic and since everybody wanted to escape to the south, the main roads were filled with people and the retraction of the Southern Continent Allied Forces slowed down.
Ultimately, among the 90,000 of the border garrisons’ remaining troops, only 30,000 survived until they were able to escape the encirclement of the landing forces.

On the 12th, the Valland Navy’s second fleet’s cruiser and destroyer fleet fought against the Sihollangr Navy, but Sihollangr’s ships could maintain 14 Linr (1 Linr = 2 knot) for the slowest, while the Valland’s speed was 14 Linr for the fastest.
The slow ships speed was 10 Linr,  and the cruisers had 6 cannons while the destroyers had 3.
Compared to that, Sihollangr ships had 6 to 8 cannons for the cruisers, and 4 cannons for the destroyers, so the inferiority in strength was obvious.
Valland’s side sunk 1 cruiser and 3 destroyers, but in return 5 cruisers and 7 destroyers sunk and were driven out of the Galkreruf coast.
The Southern Continent Allied Forces tasted a crushing defeat in the south continent’s first battle.

The bad news wasn’t only that. In the early morning of October 16th, the enemy’s dragon carrier fleet appeared near the Mythrial coast and had gone on a rampage, bombarding with the wyverns carried within.
The frontline continued to regress and now, it retracted to a point that was 30 Zellud far from Galkreruf.
The Ground Army’s equipments were similar for both the South Continent Allied Forces and the Sihollangr Empire. However the wyvern and the Navy supporting them were much more advanced on the Empire’s side.

“Farbe? If things keep going as of now, where will the frontline be in 1 month?”
“In 1 month… then about here.”

Marshal Farbe drew another line under the black cross line.
This line was far beyond the allied country Myrithal’s border. The line had retracted by 100 Zellud.

“And in a year?”
“After… a year?”
Farbe showed a conflicted expression. He didn’t want to draw the frontline if it was a year later because…

“It’s fine, draw it please.”

The king Voizze asked him again with a dignified tone.

“I want to know. Just how far the line will have retreated in a year.”

Farbe drew as he was ordered but then regretted it after he was done.


“Up to the sea if it’s bad, or maybe Rellfere is it.”

In this line, Valland wasn’t in it!

Moreover, Rellfere is the Grenkia Kingdom’s capital at 200 Zellud from the south extremity of the south continent.
The south continent that is 1100 Zellud in length from the north to south, would be under the Sihollangr’s domination or seized for the most part in just a single year.

Moreover, Rellfere is the Grenkia Kingdom’s capital at 200 Zellud from the south extremity of the south continent.
The south continent that is 1100 Zellud in length from the north to south, would be under the Sihollangr’s domination or seized for the most part in just a single year.


That was the only word that could come out.

“If it’s bad, it might be even quicker. Since Sihollangr has already started to develop new models of dragon carriers, wyverns and airships.”
“Your majesty. Forgive my impertinence but the advantage of the ground is ours. Even if we can’t stop Sihollangr’s advance, it’s still possible to slow their advancing speed down.”
“Right, slowing them down would possible.”

King Voize nodded.

“However we can’t win either. Unless we have a fleet similar to Sihollangr or new weapons, it would be impossible in our current state. Well, the story would be different if we blow the emperor’s head away, that is residing in Sihollangr’s capital.”

After saying so, he racked his head. The word “emperor” was especially filled with hatred.

“The only good news is that we have a well-formed army and dependable allies.”
“And the most fortunate is that the Mythrial has joined the alliance. Mythrial is the best in the world in terms of magic.”
“It would be great if the Mythrials could make any good magic, but even if they do, we won’t have any more time. Since it takes severals months to develop a new magic. We would just get invaded by the Sihollangr and only have the magic technology in the meantime.”

Voizze felt his heart grow heavier when he finished his phrase.

“Then is the high magic we devised in collaboration with Mythrial the only way?”
“That’s the only solution.”

The king heaved a big sigh.

“To think that we’ll be relying on a newly-developed magic that has never been used. I have mixed feelings.”

While grumbling, he stood up from his throne and turned his face towards the window.
The sky outside the window was cloudy.



17th October 1941, 10 a.m, Washington DC

Washington DC gained its name in 1801 from the Founding Father’s name, George Washington.
Washington DC is the capital, thus various state institutions were established there.
And in one of the most important institutions of the country, the State Department, there was a guest.
Hull turned his eyes to the watch. It’s 9:55 a.m.

“The time has gently come I guess.”

He continued to read the document while mumbling so.
His face was serene, his eyes were sharp and deeply engraved with wrinkles but in contrary, gave the impression of a crafty politician.
Although he was 60 years old this year, he was unexpectedly healthy and gets his work done quickly.
He has served as the Secretary of State since he was appointed in 33’. That means he’s been on this position for about 8 years this year.
The personnel of the Department of State secretly calls the State Department as Hull’s house, and Hull himself grumbles:

“It kind of feels like my house here.”

The time flew and it was 10.
The door opened and a young man came in.

“Secretary of State, The ambassador, Nomura, has requested for an audience.”

“Alright, let him come in.”

After saying so, Hull put the documents he was looking at on the side and waited for ambassador Nomura to arrive.

Not long after, the ambassador Nomura Kichisaburō, wearing a suit, appeared.

“Good morning, Secretary Hull.”
“Ambassador Nomura, I wish you welcome.”

“Hull stood up from his seat and offered a handshake with the ambassador Nomura.
The ambassador Nomura smiled and shook hands with Hull.

“Washington has also become cooler recently.”
Ambassador Nomura answered,
“Yes. Thanks to that, I’m not bothered by the heat anymore.”

“I feel the same. Since I don’t need to use the fan anymore, I can now save a bit on the electricity bill. Then, please take a seat.”

Nomura nodded and sat on the chair that was prepared in front of the office desk.

“Secretary Hull, my home government has sent this document.”

Ambassador Nomura took a sheet from his bag and gave it to Hull. Hull took the sheet and read it silently.
It was 3 days ago when the Japanese Embassy sent a request to resume talk.
Hull answered the Japanese Embassy to have a meeting on the 17th at 10 a.m.

“From this document, Japan will withdraw from China and wants to reassign the withdrawn troops to face the Soviet army approaching Manchuria. At that time, you will ask us to call off the embargo on the necessary resources issued last November, is that right?”
“Yes, it is. It’s been 10 months fighting against the Soviet Union but our army is fighting bravely and has pushed back the Soviet army from the Manchuria. However, the Soviets at the border are constantly pressing their army to invade Manchuria. Moreover, about the supplies, especially the oil, there’s only enough remaining for 1 year and if the war against the Soviet Union is prolonged more than it is now, it becomes impossible for our army and navy to supply the fuel to the warships, tanks, aircraft, etc.”
“The United Kingdom has called off the sanctions made to your country but the oil you can get is less than expected. Since the UK and France are too busy with the war against Germany and Italy, inevitably, the resources toward Europe will be prioritized and the part for your country will be less.”
“Even the supplies sent preferentially are getting attacked by the U-boats in the Atlantic and Indian ocean. With this, our country will need even more oil and will never be able to reach the required amount.”

2 days ago, the 40 transport ships of the Britain fleet PA34 that was sailing in the Atlantic ocean were all sunk after being attacked by dozens of U-boats.
On the British side, they sunk 9 U-boats but the resources that were supposed to arrive in England have sunken, for the majority, to the bottom of the sea.
The damage dealt by the U-boats have also happened before that, but such big damage, was a first in two months.
Germany and England continue to fight fiercely in France, the French army has reached a stalemate in front of Paris.
Even the German armored division that has proven its value in Poland war only consumes its forces against the British and French armies’ desperate resistance.

Even after making huge casualties, both side won’t show any weakness to move the war situation and moreover, in the Far East, the Japanese aircraft carrier Hosho was suddenly sunk by a Soviet submarine and as if that was the signal, the Soviet army invaded Manchuria and the south Sakhalin, however they had big casualties due to the Japanese army’s desperate defense.

The most miserable fact is that, in the fight between the Soviet Pacific Fleet and the Japanese Combined Fleet, with the Japanese side’s carrier task force’s strike, half of the fleet in Vladivostok and military installations were totally destroyed. During the naval battle, the Soviet fleet was annihilated after sinking only 1 heavy cruiser, 1 destroyer and heavily damaging the battleship Kongo in the Japanese side.
The Soviet Union tried to crush the Kwantung army with the armored forces leading the new model T34 and heavy tank KV-1 in front. but the Japanese side also fought back with the carrier task force. so the Soviet side’s casualties surpassed the Japanese casualties. In the beginning of October, the Soviet troops were forced out of the border by the Japanese army and navy’s joint counter offensive.
However, the Soviets had no intention to give up, so the battle continued to be fierce near the border line.
Under these circumstances, the Japanese side was low on resources due to the effects of the embargo policy of the Western countries.
Although the embargo by the United Kingdom was lifted, actually only half to 70% of the expected amount of resources could be obtained so the situation wasn’t critical, however it was hard to continue on fighting.
So, before the embargo goes into effect, they asked through the Ambassador Nomura, to lift the embargo to the USA which they have been trading the most of the resources

“Certainly that would be the case, seeing the nature of that leader of the Soviet Union, the corps of Red Flag would suddenly rumble down to you like an avalanche if you get loose. Finland and the 3 Baltic states are the perfect examples.”
“We’re having quite the trouble with the Soviet Union.”

Ambassador Nomura heaved a sigh with a seemingly troubled look.

“I get your feelings very well. Originally, Mr. President had a friendly outlook of the Soviet Union, but he was also surprised when it declared war on your country. In Western countries, and our country’s people as well, there’s also a number of people that do sympathize for Japan.”
“Is that so?”

Ambassador Nomura nodded.

“Currently, due to the Combined Fleet’s vessels stationing in the vicinity of the Southern Sakhalin, the Soviets have difficulties in attacking Chishima (= the Kuril). However, in the current situation with the continuation of the embargo, the fleet will soon not be able to move and eventually lose its effect as a deterrent.”
“I understand it well”

Hull largely nodded. To say, Hull also takes a dim view on the actual Soviet Union’s outrage

and he often said,

“The United States’ enemy isn’t Japan. The first is Germany and Italy, the second is the Soviet Union.”

“I’ll consult the President about it.”
“Thank you.”

Nomura deeply lowered his head

“If the embargo is lifted, it’ll become much easier for our country in its war effort. Secretary Hull, we ask you for your kindness please.”
“I will.”

Hull nodded as well and safely concluded the first consultation with the ambassador Nomura.



3:20 p.m. , Whitehouse


“Is that so.”

President Franklin Roosevelt who received Hull’s report asked while reading the handed documents.

“So the Japanese side came to ask us to lift our embargo.”
“Japan is in a very bad situation to make such request.”

“And the second proposal is that the Prime Minister Konoe wants to talk in secret with me, huh.”

“The Prime Minister Konoe seems to be striving to restore the US-Japan relation that got deteriorated.”
“I know too well he’s striving for it.”

Roosevelt took the clippings of the newspaper and read it. It was a 2 month-old newspaper but it was written,

Japanese Prime Minister Konoe, attacked by an assassin!

As the heading. There was a photo with a subdued man and the Prime Minister Konoe surrounded and pulled away by his escort.
In later news, this assassin had been reported as a young man from the right wing.

“This time, it was an attack caused by instigation to the right wing. Prime Minister Konoe also has fear of an attack from the Militarist Faction.”

Roosevelt took down the article of the newspaper clipping.

“But his attitude when trying to do his work while suppressing it deserves to be evaluated.”
“I agree as well”
“The people have a certain sympathy to Japan, and I think it wouldn’t be bad to pose as a benefactor to Japan here. Since their opening at the end of the Edo era, we sometimes deepened our relations, sometimes we fought but now, the situation has changed greatly from the past. First, I’d like to talk about few things with Prime Minister Konoe for now.”
“So, Mr. President.”

Hull came closer.
Roosevelt said,

“In fact, I originally liked  Russia but with the Soviet Union’s actual behavior, the affection fell down for Uncle Tom. Tell the ambassador Nomura that I’ll consider the summit meeting on this matter of embargo and give an answer 1 week later.”

Hull answered “understood.” and left the office.


California, San Diego, 17th October 1941.

The Californian sky was pleasantly cloudless.

“What nice weather. If not for work, I would have gone swimming at the beach.”

The General Husband E. Kimmel who was overlooking the Pearl Harbor port from the Pacific Fleet headquarters’ window spoke to General James Richardson.

“Do you like it?”
“Ahh, yeah. Since unlike in the North, there’s no tedious thing such as shoveling snow in winter here.”

The two laughed after saying so.
The two men took seat and continued to talk.

“Even so, it was said that the Pacific Fleet’s headquarter would be moved to Hawaii one year ago but even now it’s still in San Diego.”
“Because the Japanese army has it hard against the Soviet army. The higher-ups think that there’s no need in transferring the base facilities for the time being when Japan is no longer able to invade the southern resource area as planned.”

Richardson seemed to have an expression that it was okay as how it was.
Kimmel read it.

“Seems you’re somehow relieved that the relocation to Hawaii won’t happen.”
“Relieved or not, it’s kinda hard to explain with words but.”

While saying so, Richardson returned to his office desk and started to search in his drawer.
About 20 seconds later,

“Here it is.”

He took out something. It was a slightly big picture.

“This is the relocation planned site of Pearl Harbor. Look here.”

He showed a point. At the point, there was a channel linking Pearl Harbor’s Port to the sea but the width was narrow.
This was still better compared to the West estuary where the fiord is so narrow that if transport ships and large vessels are sunken there, the West estuary would lose its function as a port.

“To house a large fleet in this anchorage with narrow waters like this, there’s no way for me to not be scared.”
“But the depth is shallow in Pearl Harbor. It’s possible to be attacked with bombers, however I think it’s not the case for torpedo bombers, the nemesis of all warship.”
“However, we can’t have peace of mind, Kimmel.”

General Richardson looked at Kimmel with sharp eyes.

“In Taranto, the Royal Navy instantly sank an Italian battleship and heavily damaged another with carrier based aircraft. Taranto’s water depth doesn’t differ much from Pearl Harbor. In all honesty, we can’t be assured.”

Richardson sat on the chair after saying so.

“I see. I get it well.”

Kimmel nodded as convinced.
Indeed, Pearl Harbor is a perfect naval port for anchorage.
However, if there’s problems such as this, its value as a naval port greatly goes down.

“Have you tried telling this to the President?”
“I tried but it seems that things are still a mess in Washington so I wasn’t able to. And when I tried to directly transmit him this February, the transfer to Hawaii was already called off. Well, for my case, I think to stop the transfer is the correct answer.”
“In other words, you mean your wish came true.”

When he said so, Richardson made a bitter smile.

“Although I would have transferred if I was told to. Since fulfilling an order is the duty of the soldier.”

Saying so, Richardson sipped his coffee.

“Then, new Secretary Kimmel, I entrust the Pacific Fleet to you.”

Kimmel nodded to his words.

“In the coming era, it’s the aircraft carrier and aircraft’s age more than the battleship. The war situation in Europe shows it vividly.”
“I’m well aware of that as well.”

Kimmel nodded. In the European battle, there were few happenings that disappointed the followers of big ship big gun doctrine. Half a year after the beginning of the war, in February 40, the German Panzerschiff Lützow sank from the Royal Air Force’s torpedo attack and in August, the Italian battleship Giulio Cesare was heavily damaged by the French-English aircraft.

In November, Conte di Cavour sank with the Taranto raiding and Caio Duilio got heavily damaged.
In December, the British battleship Valiant got heavily damaged by the German-Italian air force and sank after an Italian submarine’s decisive blow.

In May 41, the German battleship Bismarck which was sailing for commerce raiding sunk the British battlecruiser Hood and drove out the Prince of Wales in a mess but got retaliated by the revengeful British aircraft carrier forces and Royal Air Force.
Bismarck shot 23 planes down but the desperate defense in vain, sank after eating 12 torpedoes and 13 bombs.
With this, the battleship was no longer superior and the main focus of the Navy shifted from the battleship to the aircraft carrier.

“However, we’re still building battleships such as the South Dakota class and Iowa class in the United States. There’s still a lot of believers of big ship big gun doctrine.”
“Richardson, you certainly are right but the Iowa class and the South Dakota class, unlike the other battleships, can put out a speed of 28-knots like the North Carolina class. The other day, I heard this from Halsey but the top of Navy seem to make those 3 types of battleships into task force escort battleships with an enhanced anti-aircraft firepower.”
“Task force escort battleships, huh.”

Richardson looked like he was convinced.

“Indeed, with the current increase of aircraft’s power, enhancing the anti-aircraft firepower is needed. With battleship escorting, it might reduce the damage to the aircraft carrier.”
“It would. However,”

Kimmer had a bitter smile.

“It somehow feels a bit lonesome for me. Navy battle was my dream for a long time. The currents of time flows fast.”
“From now on, it might be the era when the Pacific Fleet’s Commander-in-Chief will command in land facilities rather than on a warship.”

The two nodded.

“Oh, the talk has gone on long enough. Then, I entrust you with the rest.”
“I got it.”
“Among the fleet commanders, there are a lot of guys with originalities, but make sure to keep hold of the rein. Especially Halsey, he’s a little hot-blooded. Be careful.”
“What, we are colleagues, we ate in the same pot so I know his personality. I’ll handle him well.”

After saying so, the two smiled again.


Sihollangr imperial capital Wilbanr, 18th October 1481

“Hey, you. Won’t you have a cup of tea with me?”

Mily Relbey, a salesgirl in a bakery stall, was troubled by a young man who suddenly appeared.

“N, no, dear customer. I’m working right now.”
“If you work too much, you’ll get stressed, you know? More than that, take a breather and let’s talk for an hour.”

The young man said and smiled at her.
The appearance was of Mr. Right, a cheerful looking face and a body that’s a little thin.
Flaxen long hair tied behind his head. He was wearing common clothes, a long-sleeved white top and purple pants.

“It is just the end of lunch time and moreover, I doubt whether dad would accept it. And I feel like you said the same thing two weeks ago?”

The girl said hesitantly.

“Oh? You remembered it was me! Wow, that’s something great for me! Is there any chance you care about me as well?”
“N, no…ahahaha.”

Mily, a little bit troubled, made a bitter smile.
But then,

“Dear customer. Thank you very much for your patronage. Are you bumming around outside today as well?”

A lively voice came from inside, it was the father of the girl.

“Hey, it’s been a long time. How’s your condition?”
“It’s alright.”

The father replied with a smile.

“I have a request, could I borrow this kid from you for a while?”
“N, no. That’s a little troublesome.”

While replying, the father had a troubled expression.

After all how the other part was, well, you wouldn’t answer so easily.
Before that,

“Excuse me.”

Another man in a hood cap came from the back and called Mr. Right.

“Huh? Ahh.”

Mr. Right and the man in a hooded cap whispered something.
Then when Mr. Right who had turned his back, nodded strongly and answered in a small voice, the man in the hooded cap left.

“I’m sorry that I kept you waiting. About the thing before, that’s okay for today. Since you work and this store is really precious. Sorry for disturbing you.”

Saying so, the Mr. Right was gone for somewhere.
“Phew~. He’s an interesting person, but I wonder if it’s good for him to hang around places like this marketplace?”

Mily said with an exasperated tone.

“Isn’t it fine? He’s that kind of person. I was also surprised at first but you get used to it after a few years.”

The father answered with a calm expression.

It was 7 years ago, that person was friendly to those around him and harsh against his enemies. Even more so, if he is hanging around like this, that means he has presence of mind.”
“That a country’s Imperial Majesty is bumming around the capital is unheard-of”

Mily muttered but got her mind back on track and soon resumed work.

“Soon, we’re going to assault the enemy’s critical defensive line?”
“Yes. Actually, the carried wyverns from the dragon carrier fleet are carrying out a pre-assault  bombing. The Southern Continent Allied forces’ wyverns have also made a sortie and it seems there’s a fierce battle now.”
“This is already as expected. Then how many days will the Southern Continent Allies’ defense line endure. This will be a spectacle.”

The young man with the long flaxen hair, the Sihollangr Empire’s Emperor Orphes Lelysley muttered with an ominous smile.

Translator’s note

Fucking long. Bloody fucking long. I’ll make this as a secondary project I guess…I’ll take shorter novels as main.

Btw, this novel comes out very slowly. The author’s last released chapter took 6 months HAHAHAHAHA

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