When The Star Flutters – Prologue

8th October 1941, Washington DC


The morning in Washington DC was, as usual, the serenity itself.

“I wonder if there’ll be or not a lot of work today.”

Mumbled the secretary of the state, Cordell Hull, in the car.

“So the world did change at last.”

He spoke to the driver. The driver answered as if he fell the same.

“Like you say, mister secretary.”

“The Europe is already a mess with France, Germany and the Great Britain jumbled together. The aircraft, the warships and the ground weapons evolved since the First World War but how did it come to this?”

“It’s like a repeat of the First World War.”

The driver nodded.

“In the Far East, the Japan and the Soviet army are fighting in Manchuria and the Northern Hemisphere of the world is full of battles here and there.”

In the Second World War , overturning every country’s expectations, the major powers were in conflict each other.
The France and England armies that raided the German army that smashed Poland up.
The Soviet-Japanese Border War started with the Japanese aircraft carrier sinking incident in the Sakhalin coast made by the soviet submarine.
The world, taking a lot of lives, the co-belligerents furiously colliding each other, was fighting at its finest.
And in the middle of that, the United States of America, taken by the Monroe doctrine, neither its people nor the government did show any sign of wanting to join the war.
Roosevelt wanted to join in the European war but couldn’t find the opportunity and was troubled everyday.

Hull muttered a joke
“It’s even to the point that I would ask to only take the USA somewhere in another world, instead of this loathsome world.”

“That joke again.”

Said the driver, laughing. Hull himself laughed as well.




Souther Calendar, 10th October 1481, Galkreruf.


“Incoming! Dodge it!”

The comrade shouted. Reacting to it, the body dodge by the right side.
The long sword the enemy has thrusted, grazed the right flank.


The enemy soldier who didn’t think it would be dodged, swung the sword to the side in a flurry. But his reaction was too late.

“You don’t have the time to say “whoa”!”

Swinging the cherished sword diagonally from the right shoulder, the enemy leaned backward from the mown shock.
The blood spurted and dyed in red of the face who was cut.

“Don’t make light of the Valland army’s female warriors!”

The colonel Lirei Lerus exclaimed so to the enemy knight who was losing his consciousness, and coughed.
Another enemy came immediately in but he came rushing from the front.
Colonel Lerus thought the blood should have caught his head and neatly blew away the Sihollangr soldier’s head.

“Colonel! It’s already beyond our limit!”

The male soldier who warned her just before, sorrowfully shouted.
“In this state, our regiment will get surrounded and be annihilated!”

“You’re asking me to retreat!?”

Colonel Lerus answered him with a wrathful expression.

“If we retreat, they’ll cross the border! As if I would let those bastards step on the Valland’s ground!”

The colonel Lerus, while saying so, cut down another enemy who assaulted.

“But, no matter how we do our hard…”

The male soldier’s expression stiffened when he turned his eyes toward the other direction. About 20 wyverns were flying over this way.

“I got it. There’s nothing to gain if we get annihilated so. Regiment, withdraw!!”

When the colonel Lerus shouted, the surviving bugler blew the big greenish trumpet with all his strength.
A sound that was somewhat not bad to listen, resonated in the battlefield and the surviving valland soldiers withdrew from the enemies.
The enemies were also withdrawing.

“Colonel, there’s 6 Sihollangr warships that are raiding the coast.”

Another soldier delivered the message out of breath.

“Damn it……Those Sihollangr bastards!”

The colonel Lerus started to withdraw while groaning in frustration.
At that moment, where her gaze went on, her eyes caught an ally soldier getting caught by the wyvern’s light bullets.
However, colonel Lerus did not think more about it and continued to run continuously while suppressing the sadness and the regret that was welling up in her.




For the Southern Continent allies, including the Valland, the situation was getting bad.
The Northern Continent was dominated by the Sihollangr Empire and now, its poisonous fang has also started to penetrate into the Southern Continent.
That day, the the frontline of the allied armies of Valland and the Mythrial Kingdom was broken through in all parts from the Sihollangr’s blitz amphibious assaults.
With the support of the dragon carriers and the highly efficient warships, the Sihollangr army was continuously expanding his territory even through the intense resistance they encountered.
Even with just the mainland of the northern continent’s Sihollangr Empire’s territory, the strength difference was almost twice the Southern Continent alliance army and the people has already started to have hope in this war that has been going for one year.
The end was getting closer day by day.
The Southern Continents countries’ kings were deeply thinking on how to reverse the war situation, racking their brains.
And then, on that very day when the Sihollangr has stuck his wedge in the Southern Continent, they were going to execute a certain operation.

Translator’s note

New project. Doesn’t seem there’s any militaristic genre of japanese web novel being translated yet on the net.

More details will come as the chapters come. Sorry I can’t translate better so the fun is halved.

Translator : KobatoChanDaiSuki

Proofreader : Zenneth

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