Will be later than late

Sincerly, I’m really sorry for not being able to bring Kenkyo out for a long while but I’m nearly dead as of now…

I have/will still have my finals and even fucking more, I’m working also in my family business and have to do group projects(presentations and such) in school for 2 or 4 persons as my “partners” are total incompetent shits and give me all the work to do.
And it’s not only 1 work, I’ve had and actually having several to do.

I wish I could kill them.

So, I’m sorry again, I’ll be late than later and really don’t know when I’ll be able to release one… orz

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  1. HydroPoop

    haha, don’t worry, the updates were always infrequent, we have gotten used to it, personally, it is not on my main list of novels to read anymore, so as long as the releases have not stopped/dropped, it’s fine with me.

  2. merc

    Only kill them if you get internet in jail, so you can keep translating. Otherwise take plenty of small breaks, relax and make plans on ridding yourself of your enemies.

  3. Triopsate

    Teamwork: where one person carries a bunch of incompetents.

    Well not like I get to complain about that since I usually take turns on getting carried and carrying. XD

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